Download Pictures from Twitter Profiles Automatically

Recently I stumbled upon this small app called Twitter Image Downloader that helps you to download images from any twitter profile. Few months back twitter changed the layout of image […]

Video Movie Converter for Mac OSX

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High Quality Picture Resizer For Optimizing Photos for the Web

Optimize photos for web such as resizing picture or shrink pictures for email etc, there are lot of free tools such as picture resizer win7, online web image resizer, image […]

Send Screenshot to Dropbox with Cloudshot

Cloudshot is one awesome screen capture tool that is free. The open source screenshot software Cloudshot allows you to take screenshot in single click and saves the file in the […]

Red Notebook : Best App for Note Taking on Mac, Windows & Linux

We have seen lot of web based note taking apps and note taking browser extensions for Google chrome and Firefox that allows you to take notes quickly with a single […]

Open Source PDF Editor for Windows with PDFSAM

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Best 10 Linux Open Source Audio Players

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Customize Windows, Add Right Click Send to Folder

With the right click context menu, it feels so handy to do a task. It is so easy to create a shortcut on desktop so that you find it easier […]

Image protection with Open Source Watermark Software

Watermark helps you to protect your images from online image theft and acts as a copyright to your images online. How can you protect your images from being copied ? […]

MyPaint : Windows 7 Paint Alternative

By default in your Windows 7 OS you will have the Microsoft Paint program that lets you to create paintings and colorful diagrams. Now if you’re looking out for an […]

Top 5 Best Open Source Graphic Image Editors

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Best Free Open Source Video Editing Softwares

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Top 5 Best Open Source Softwares for Developers, Designers and Programmers

Open source softwares are the best ones in my opinion. Open Source Softwares are software tools that are available with the source code where users can study, change, improve and […]

Decibel Ubuntu Audio Player for Linux

Recently we had told you about the best 4 applications for Ubuntu Linux which includes the media player. By default, ubuntu comes with the Rhythmbox music player. But we have […]

Raw Photo Processor with Photivo

Photivo is a free open source software which allows RAW image processing and uses advanced algorithms to process images without losing speed, efficiency and maintain the quality of original image. […]