Lock Computers with a Pattern like Pattern Phone locks for Android

Android devices have good patterns for the android lock so that no other third party person can unlock your phone without figuring out the right pattern. Similarly computers can also […]

Download Pictures from Twitter Profiles Automatically

Recently I stumbled upon this small app called Twitter Image Downloader that helps you to download images from any twitter profile. Few months back twitter changed the layout of image […]

Schedule Bed Time Alerts For Night Owls Who Stay Up All Night on their Computer

Working on the computer without any break is not advisable. Sometimes we sit before the computer forgetting to eat, sleep etc. Just a reminder at regular intervals will help you […]

Monitor Changes After Installing a Software with Install Monitor

Instal Monitor is a freeware Installation management software that monitors all your installed programs in the PC. It monitors the changes in software after you install them on your PC. […]

Control, Manage and Optimize Windows Startup Programs

One major reason for slow loading of computer is having unwanted programs which runs at start up. Normally when installing applications, some apps take it ‘start when windows login’ as […]

Create Colorful Blur Effect Background Images using Hot Spot Studio

As this app is using spotlight simulation, it makes perfect name – Hot Spot Studio. If you’re basically an abstract colors lover, you will never regret using this app. This […]