Add Old ReTweet Style to New Twitter Web Interface

Twitter removed the old fashioned way of retweeting after they revamped the web interface design. But still many of the third party twitter apps has this feature of retweeting old […]

Firefox Addon to Download Streaming Videos Embed with JW Player

Lot of websites embeds their videos with a Flash & HTML5 video player such as JW player. Only if we knew the video URL, we can use third party sites […]

Private Cloud Storage Mega Official Firefox Extension

It has been three weeks since the launch of Mega, the new 50 GB cloud storage service from Kim dotcom of Mega upload fame. Mega cloud storage service is catching […]

5 Firefox Addons To Manage Saved Passwords

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How To Set Facebook To Auto Logout When You’re Away from PC

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Screen Draw : Firefox Addon to Draw on Web Pages

If you’re making presentation or demonstration something on the web, then screen annotation tools are very helpful to point out in your presentation. You can draw on web pages and […]

6 Extensions to Manage Firefox Multiple Tabs

Today we have got extensions to play with Firefox 4 tabs. You can save Firefox tabs, use multiple Firefox tabs, switch tabs firefox and still do more tricks with your […]

View a Website in 3D Effect with Tilt Firefox

Have you ever thought of viewing a website in 3D interface from your Firefox browser ? Get rid of the bording 2D perspective with Tilt addon for Firefox that allows […]

ShareMeNot Stops Tracking Facebook Like Button

Do you know that online social buttons like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn can track your daily online browsing activities? But these days who reads all those lengthy agreements before we click […]

Share Links on Twitter by Highlighting with Tweetlight

If you’re viewing an interesting web page and the page does’t provide you with tweet buttons to share it on twitter, then here is a simple firefox addon that allows […]

10 Best Extensions to Block Flash Ads Popups

I prefer to block these flash popup ads on websites, that is really annoying man. It either hides the webpage content or plays some music, video automatically. So I always […]

Best Google+ Firefox Extensions

The new social network Google+ has reached greater heights than Facebook. Some facts about the Google+ is that, it reached 10 million users in two weeks launch. But rather I […]

Find File Size Before You Download in Firefox

When downloading a file in Firefox, it doesn’t show up the file size before you hit the save file option. It just shows up only the file name and two […]

Webpage Progress bar Firefox addon

If you’ve used Firefox browser, it has stopped displaying the web page progress bar long back. The latest version doesn’t have anything that shows how much the web page has […]

Save Tabs as groups using Snaparoma Firefox add on

If you are using Firefox 4 and above you should have noticed Panorama or Tab Candy, which helps in saving and managing tabs as groups. Though this is effective in tab […]