How to Organize Bookmarks in Chrome Effectively

How do you organize your bookmarks in Chrome? I use Google chrome as my primary browser; manage bookmarks, read later articles stuff. Most of the time for read later articles, […]

Send Encrypted Email Messages through Gmail

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Add Old ReTweet Style to New Twitter Web Interface

Twitter removed the old fashioned way of retweeting after they revamped the web interface design. But still many of the third party twitter apps has this feature of retweeting old […]

How to Download Android APK Files to PC from Google Play Store

There is a chrome extension called APK downloader. It downloads apk files from android market. The extension was built by last year and later it stopped working. Few days […]

Aggregate Social Notifications with Chime Chrome Extension

I have few websites in my bookmark bar that I open and use it daily. Websites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Foursquare, and Stack overflow, Google plus etc. I […]

Install Chrome Apps, Extensions and User Scripts Not From Web Store

In the past Google chrome offered the possibility to users to install extensions and user scripts from external websites and that were not present in Chrome web store. Past few […]

Manage Your Online Privacy and Security on Web with PrivacyFix

This extension is definitely worth the download. If you’re already using Do Not Track Plus on Mac or browser extension for Chrome & Firefox, then this extension works similarly. It […]

5 Interesting Chrome Extensions You Aren’t Using

Chrome has held a special place in the recent months and its always my favorite browser. Google has managed to bring in chrome first place with its chrome app store […]

Add Facebook Comments To YouTube Videos

Previously I had written about how to add my website to Facebook page and apps on facebook to publish your blog post. Later social plugin introduction, adding facebook comments to […]

Save Gmail Attachments directly to Google Drive

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Open RSS Feed URL Within Google Reader

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Show Date, Time, Weather Information When Chrome Opening New Windows

In Google chrome you can personalize your home page as well the new tab page. When ever you open a new window, you can set it to open a new […]

Find SEO Redirects with URL Redirect Checker Chrome Extension

This free redirect and HTTP header checker for Google chrome helps you to find redirect path 301, 302, 404, 500 HTTP status codes, that brings potential issues that may not […]