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On MadrasGeek, we are happy to provide a list of services that you can “hire”. These services are related to Blogging and WordPress.

Here is the List of Services Which we Offer –

1. If you’re starting up a new blog, we are here to Setup your First WordPress blog. We will set up your new blog according to your needs and also teach you on how to blog easily without much effort.

2. You have started the blog, now you need to rank high on search engines to get traffic, We offer you SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. WordPress needs more customization to get more traffic from search engines. We will handle the SEO for your blog and assure that your blog appears in top search results for particular keywords.

3. If you’re looking up for advice on your WordPress blog/website, We do WordPress Consultancy. Don’t know how to start your blog on WordPress ? Need advice on Blogging and WordPress ? Feel free to contact us. we are here to help you.

4. We also do Custom WordPress themes, WordPress customization, WordPress Plugin development/customization etc.

5. Want a Logo design or banner for your website ? We can design high quality professional banners for your website. Just drop your needs, we will carry out it successfully.

More services coming soon ..

3 Reasons to Choose our services –

1. We have build a Self hosted WordPress blog ” MadrasGeek.com ” and ” MobiGizmos.com ” which has more than 600+ readers (as of june 2010), 500+ articles, 2500+ comments and more.. So, we have some experience in building and maintaining websites/blog.

2. We have started as a newbie and come up to this level, so we can understand your queries/problems easily and we offer these services at very affordable price.

3. We not only offer services, but also teach you on how to maintain or handle tough situations. General advices are Free.

So you don’t know what is WordPress ? No worries, We are here to help you from basics. If you would like to start your blog on Google’s Blogspot domain, you can contact us, we will guide you to create your own blog.

Don’t know what is a domain name ? Domain name are something like www.madrasgeek.com, So these .com, .net, .in etc etc .. these are called domain names.

You might have heard, www.xxxx.blogspot.com or xxx.wordpress.com <– so these are called sub-domains. Where you’re blogging under blogspot.com or wordpress.com.

Like to buy your own domain name like www.yourname.com, we will guide you in everything from basic. So no worries, drop your queries and we will help you.

If you have any queries or looking forward to seek our services, use the contact form below or get in toucha with me on twitter @dangerdiabolick

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