4 Best SWF to GIF Converters for Mac and Windows

.SWF is an adobe flash file format used for vector graphics, multimedia stuff. GIF is an image format which can hold animations in the image file. It uses lossless data […]

Remove Stains from Photos using Free Photo Blemish Remover

Tackling stains from clothes is not a big task. One simple tip I read long back is using vinegar as stain remover. Whether it is blood, ink, oil, grease, wine, […]

uGet Downloader: Easy Way to Download Videos from Vimeo, Dailymotion

Free online video downloaders are increasing day by day along with browser extensions and online applications that allows us to download our favorite videos from video portals like dailymotion.com, vimeo.com […]

Whatsapp for PC Windows Desktop Client

Whatsapp is the king of messaging system that includes texts, images, audio, video sharing etc. There isn’t official Whatsapp client for PC desktop, but you can install the Whatsapp mobile […]

Apowersoft Free Professional Voice & Audio Recording Software

If you want to record your voice from microphone or record just an idea from YouTube video through your computer’s sound cord or both. You might have seen YouTube videos […]

View Saved Passwords of All Programs Installed on Computer

If you’re using lot of applications and websites, you find it difficult to remember passwords. To solve this, you can use password manager to manage all your passwords. If you […]

Lock Computers with a Pattern like Pattern Phone locks for Android

Android devices have good patterns for the android lock so that no other third party person can unlock your phone without figuring out the right pattern. Similarly computers can also […]

Download Pictures from Twitter Profiles Automatically

Recently I stumbled upon this small app called Twitter Image Downloader that helps you to download images from any twitter profile. Few months back twitter changed the layout of image […]

Schedule Bed Time Alerts For Night Owls Who Stay Up All Night on their Computer

Working on the computer without any break is not advisable. Sometimes we sit before the computer forgetting to eat, sleep etc. Just a reminder at regular intervals will help you […]

Control Movies, Music in Windows, Mac with Hand Gestures

I found a cool app. Its like a magic. Best app of the year and Whoa! am excited. The word ‘cool’ fits right in, I know it feels awesome. The […]

How to Change File Date and Time Stamp in Photos?

Any photo you take using your digital camera, DSLR it records the EXIF data with it. EXIF data is exchangeable image file format that stores all the information like meta […]

Make Your Own Animated GIF From Videos

On Internet you can find funny images in a GIF format. GIF files are like animated images which are also called moving pictures. There are several reasons why someone would […]

Free Desktop Notes, Sticky Note for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

In Windows home premium you have the sticky note program by default. It’s one of the recommended software for windows that allows you to add text notes, to-do list etc. […]

Save Browser Settings with Browser Backup Pro Freeware

You may have questions like what files should I backup? Why to use third party software when Chrome by default syncs everything to your account on the cloud? Many times […]

iTools : Manage iPhone Music & Apps Without iTunes

iTunes, comes under one of the top 5 annoying programs for Windows. Only with iTunes you can sync, backup, transfer music, apps and files to your iPhone or any iOS […]