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Yet another valid contribution from EaseUS – a disk partition manager free  software. And the best part; it comes for free. With a whole lot of features, from supporting a list of languages that include Francois and Polski and supporting Windows’s version 10 down to 7, Vista and XP, the partition manager allows the users to extend their system’s C drive and settles the most common low disk space problem. With the partition manager free software, users can now easily manage their disk space on the MBR and GPT disks.

Coming as a full packed multi functional tool providing partition management, partition recovery and copy wizard; the new version of the disk management windows 10 software now comes for free for home users and has thousands of users already.

So apart from the fact that the disk management windows 10 software is now free, what is so interesting that has gained it several thousand users?

An upgraded UI that provides better user experience.  Not a bad point to start the list with, Isn’t it? Compatible with the latest version of Windows (Windows 10), the software can support a hard disk with a memory of up to 8TB and without using the full disk space or any loss of data, can convert MBR files to GPT and vice versa as well.

And that’s not all.

Users can resize and move their memory partitions or even merge two adjacent partitions completely without having to suffer any data loss. The commercial edition of the software; the pre version, supports up to 16TB disk and the partition recovery wizard benefits the user by allowing them recover deleted partitions. Need to copy all your data from one hard disk to another? Or change your OS from HDD to SDD? You can now do both with ease and there is no need to reinstall Windows. Easily convert your FAT file system to the more secure and reliable file system NTFS that supports files of a much larger size and file compression as well.

Have to get rid of any sensitive data in your disk? With the partition manager free software you can now wipe the whole disk or just the partition that withholds the data.

With separate windows for all its various operations – resizing, partitioning, merging, data recovery and more;  the partition external hard drive software supports a wide range of files, operating systems and devices and requires a normal computer with a 512MB RAM or greater and a hard disk space of just about 100MB.

At $39.95 the paid version of the software, ‘Partition master pro’ comes with all the features that come with the free version of the partition tool and a few additional features like free tech support, extended hard disk capacity, converting dynamic disk to basic and a bootable disk. The pro version of the software supports business usage and now comes to the users as a free trial as well where the users can try and use all the features but will not be able to save any change they make.

The payment and download methods are quite simple as well. You can choose to order online, by phone, fax or even the normal postal mail. And depending on the type of order and the swift payments, the buyer will be authorized to download the software within minutes or days.

A great software that comes with swift payment and product delivery not something that a high-capacity drive user like me would skip.

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