How Phone Systems and Customer Service Will Save your Business


The future is now. In the 80?s classic film Back to the Future II, when beloved movie character Marty McFly travels in time to the oh-so-distant future, he travels to 2015. In other words… This is the future! We might not have hoverboards yet, but we do have to start understanding that things are not what they used to be. We need to adapt to survive. Our businesses need to adapt to survive.

And, believe it or not, the key to modern business survival is customer service.

In 2015 customer service is becoming more and more about how to deal with issues early on. In fact, many companies are working to preventing them. But, while many businesses are still figuring out social support, there is still an opportunity for you to get ahead of the curve. If you learn about certain key customer service trends in 2015, you will be the master of your own future.

The one thing to keep in mind

There?s one key customer service tip you need to keep in mind in 2015: Timeliness, in every part of your operation, is of the essence. Sounds like an obvious recommendation, but it?s not. I?m talking about becoming a speed freak. Seriously, timeliness should be your obsession. Why? Because what your customers expect in terms of speed has dramatically changed.

Thanks to accelerated pace of technological development, super faster internet connection speeds, the advent of smartphones, tablets, and the ever-improving search functions, the old customer service expectations are out the window. This is the future, remember? There?s no more waiting. We live fast and we live now. We also live in a world where one unsatisfied customer (with thousands of Twitter followers) can cause a lot of harm.

This is where seamless communication is king

You might not believe it, but more often than not a negative customer service experience has little to do with a service representative (or even the product itself). Sometimes unreliable tools are the ones to blame. If you call customer service and the guy at the other end of the phone can?t hear you because of a poor internet connection, that?s not his fault. And yet the result is the same: an unhappy client.

Here?s where phone systems like the X-16 or more robust IP system can make all the difference. Customers enjoy quick and friendly service. There?s no denying it. That?s why a seamless communication experience is crucial for your business, especially with millennials, who place particular value on speed and convenience.

Develop a company identity

Most consumers complain about service. 2015 is the year to reevaluate your communication solutions. With that in mind, it?s time to set yourself apart. Every crisis is an opportunity. If you solve a client?s problem when they call you to complain about something, then you are gold.

And if you are thinking you can?t afford these kinds of business phone systems that big companies have, think again. This is the future, remember? Now, small and midsize businesses can enjoy all the functionality of bigger more expensive phone systems thanks to VoIP. With these kinds of low cost phones system you and your customers will be connected 24/7 and you will avoid wasting their time with a complicated automated service.

Remember the time is now. And time is everything.

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