10 Best Price Comparison Websites in India


Price comparison websites are lifesavers in these days where discounts are hard to come by, and prices travel in only one direction: up. Since the explosion of e-commerce websites in India, the number of options people have for shopping online have increased drastically. Most of these shopping portals offer exciting discounts and deals in numerous categories. Unfortunately, it is very time-consuming to keep track of all such discounts and deals. Also, if you wish to shop in only one category, your favourite shopping portal might not have a deal, while another one might. You miss out on such deals only because you’re not aware of the other portal’s existence.

Price comparison websites remedy this problem by giving you the lowest price possible on whatever product you’re searching for. So every purchase you make online can end up in savings. However, just like the explosion of e-commerce websites, there is now an explosion of price comparison websites in India. To help you stay with only the helpful ones, we have come up with a list of the 10 best price comparison websites in India.

1) CompareIndia

At first glance, CompareIndia might appear as a rather old and outdated website. But looks can be deceiving. This simply designed website has a powerful price comparison tool that makes it convenient to find the right product for your budget. The search filters and grid-based layout make it really easy to get around.

2) MySmartPrice

MySmartPrice started out with a few categories and has now grown into one of India’s biggest price comparison websites, offering its services in more than a dozen categories. If that were not enough, the website even offers coupons and deals for several popular e-commerce websites, thus making this an ideal destination to accumulate some savings.

3) Junglee

A subsidiary of Amazon.com, Junglee compares prices for more than 3 crore products across 2,000 shopping websites and 1lakh local stores. This means you can search across any category under the sun and Junglee can help you find the lowest price possible. The simple interface and reliable results make this a good start to your shopping spree.

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4) BuyHatke

This website is so confident about helping you find the lowest possible prices that it has a policy of rewarding anyone with coupons if they manage to find a lower price on any other website. Another interesting feature of this website is that it has its own browser add-ons for Chrome and Firefox, which can compare prices and add coupons automatically; no doubt quite helpful for busy shoppers.

5) PriceCheckIndia

Like most other websites, PriceCheckIndia focuses on the mobile and electronics category. The standout feature of this website is its simple interface, which doesn’t have much clutter. Products are ordered in three lists, namely best, top 10 and latest.

6) SmartPrix

Primarily focused around mobiles, SmartPrix has a user-friendly UI that makes it easy to find the right kind of mobile with the desired features, all for a pre-determined budget. Sadly, this feature isn’t extended to the many other categories on the website, but overall, it offers a good experience of comparing multiple products.

7) PricePanda

This is another barebones price comparison website. The unique feature of this website is that it includes comparison in a tricky category – clothing and accessories. Not many websites feature this category because it is usually difficult to find the same clothes and accessories across multiple websites, but PricePanda does a good job of helping you find the lowest priced fashion. Conventional categories like mobiles and electronics are also included.

8) 91Mobiles

As the name of the website suggests, this is a place dedicated to compare prices for mobile phones. Also included is a category to compare laptop prices. The layout of the website is simple, and you can easily compare the pros and cons of multiple products before making your decision.

9) Tech2

Although only a subsection of the main Tech2 website (which again is a subsection of Firstpost), this comparison companion is really useful for comparing prices across seven categories, namely Computers, Mobiles, PC Accessories, PC Components, Home Entertainment, Printing & Imaging and Accessories. The layout of the website is very intuitive and friendly, perhaps the best among this list.

10) IndiaBookStore

This is a website dedicated to compare prices for books, covering more than 2 million titles. This is an ideal place for bookworms if they wish to avoid the clutter of other price comparison websites, and simply look for the lowest prices on books.

So the next time you proceed to buy something online in India, make sure to check out these price comparison websites to get the lowest price possible! At the end of the month you’ll be thrilled to see how much you’ve saved, thanks to these simple yet effective price comparison websites.

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  1. There are plenty more better ones in the UK! It’s a shame, but India has a long way to go before catching up with price comparison sites. In the UK we have things like MoneySuperMarket and Confused.com and CompareTheMarket. They all offer superb tools and money saving options for a variety of needs.

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