Control Your Android device from PC with Wondershare MobileGo


Wondershare has always been my favorite company when it comes to Video converters, dowloaders, flash tools etc. From Wondershare, here is an awesome tool to manage everything on your android device (phones and tablets) from your PC. With Wondershare MobileGo for android, you can control everything on your android device from PC. You can backup / restore android files, transfer music / videos / photos from your device or PC. You can install / uninstall apps, transfer contacts, find duplicate contacts, send / reply SMS etc.

Wondershare MobileGo for Android is a live safer for digital addicts who juggle between devices, apps, music, videos etc. It provides an easy way to transfer, backup, restore stuff from your android devices. Let’s check out the major features of this app.

Download Wondershare mobilego for android. Install it on your android device. Simultaneously download and install the Wondershare mobilego manager on your PC. This little piece of software controls your android device. First you need to install both these software. Now open the android manager on your PC. Open the Wondershare mobilego for android on your android device.

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The android manager on PC displays a QR code – using your wondershare mobilego app on android, scan the QR code and now your phone gets connected to your PC.

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You can see a small popup requesting for the new connection, accept it. All your files are syncd. Your apps, music, videos, photos, contacts, SMS, files etc.

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With one click backup, you can backup everything namely contacts, apps, SMS, call logs, media files, calendar etc. Additionally, you can restore all or selected backed-up files to your Android phone with a click.

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Media files – You can add / convert media files from the android manager. Under music, you can find all the music files from your phone SD card. You can add new music files from your PC or convert existing music files in various formats to MP3. You can even import iTunes playlist. Similarly for videos, you can add video files from computer and export videos from phone to PC. Convert various video formats to MP4. Effortlessly import your iTunes music playlist to Android devices and export music to iTunes library.

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Contacts – All your contacts will be listed here. It supports vCard files, Outlook contacts, Windows mail etc. You can import / export contacts, add / edit contact, remove duplicate contacts.

Send SMS from Computer

From the android manager, you can send and receive SMS from your computer. It works awesome.

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You will also get notified on incoming messages and calls. You can directly decline incoming calls from your PC. This allows even group texting. You can import or export SMS as .txt file to your computer.

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Apps – You can organize your apps, install new apps, uninstall existing apps, move apps from phone to SD card, backup all apps or selected apps from phone to computer. Installing apps from wondershare mobilego manager is so easy and fun. It has built in Google play store – where you can directly install apps from play store to your device via PC. You can even install apps by importing apk files.

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Under toolkit in the left column, you can select One click backup or restore to backup or restore your android data.

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The online resources > Google play store, wontube mp3 download and Youtube. Google play store will help you download and install apps. The Wontube mp3 download lets you download the latest MP3 directly to your phone. The Youtube allows you to browse youtube videos, watch it live and download them to your phone.

11-18-2013 8-16-01 PM

All together Wondershare mobilego for android is an awesome piece of software that everyone must download and use it. I just loved the SMS sending feature from PC. It works flawlessly. Also it has got video downloader, mp3 downloader, apps directly from play store. You can transfer media files, remove duplicate contacts, merge them, add or edit contacts, transfer contacts, backup and restore everything in one click. Go check out the app here.

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