5 Ways to Check Responsive Website Online


There is a firm increase in number of devices, platforms and browsers that your site needs to work. Responsive design is a next generation web design that most of the blogs and websites use. The main thing in responsive design is ‘One site for every screen’. The web design should fit all the screen sizes from small, medium and large devices. One of the finest examples of responsive web design which you can look up is Barack Obama’s website. His 2012 campaign website is built on responsive web design. If you consider about browser support, performance, clear layout that fits the entire screen sizes, go for responsive web layout.


So what are some of the ways to check whether your website or your favorite website has a responsive web design? Here I list few tools where you can check responsive websites online. Just enter the website URL and set the screen size to show the website in specific layout. You can test out your web design in various screen sizes like iPhone, 13 inch mac, 15 inch laptop, 21 inch desktop monitor, 7 inch tablet etc.

What people are looking for? Mobile users are firmly increasing and people want to view/read their favorite websites from the computer in office, through smartphone/tablets during travel or at home. So if your site isn’t optimized to be viewed from any device, change to responsive theme web design that makes your website adaptable to any screen size.

As a webmaster/blogger you need to check if your site is responsive, here are few tools that let you check it very easily.

Tools to Test Responsive Web Design


Simures (Sim u Res) is my favorite tool. It is so minimalistic and you need to enter just 3 elements. The height, width and your website URL. Once you’ve entered, it shows your web page in specified screen resolutions. You can set to any width and height to check how your website looks at certain resolutions.



A responsive design tool to see how your website looks on the latest devices.  It has options to view your website like in desktop, tablet devices such as iPad, Nexus 7, kindle fire, and almost all top end smartphone devices like Galaxy S3, S4, iPhone 5, Nexus 4, Lumia 920, Xperia Z etc. You can even rotate your screen when viewing from tablet devices. You can check how your website looks when you hold your tab or smartphone horizontally.



Screenfly is my second favorite tool to check websites on different screen resolutions. It has similar options to check your website on different devices (the latest ones) and what’s special is that you can allow the website to scroll. So you can navigate pages inside the specified screen resolution. You can even set custom screen size and apply changes to check the website.

Test Size

Test size isn’t exactly testing your pages on smartphone and tablet devices. Instead it shows set of predefined screen resolutions that most of the netbooks, desktop machines people use. If you need, you can check your website on custom screen sizes. Open in popup allows you to view website in exact screen resolution in a popup window, which gives you an idea of how exactly it will look in a browser.

Another similar tool is Viewlike.us.

This set of tools completely shows your website on different screen resolutions. But if you want to check your website on different browsers (cross browser testing), then find this article Test your website on multiple browsers and operating system online.

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