5 Apps to See Who Unfollowed me on Twitter


Already in the past we had written about apps to find out who unfollowed you on twitter and some of them have stopped working now. Here I come up with the list of new applications to know who unfollowed me on twitter. These websites can track and find out who unfollowed you on twitter recently. Twitter shows the counter, the number of people who follow us. When we see it going down, don’t get panic. You can find out who unfollowed you recently with the help of these tools.

Once you’re done with finding out who unfollowed you recently, your next step should be to find out who is not following you. Sometimes you follow people without expecting in return that they will follow you. Now you need to find those who’re not following you. Tools to help you find who is not following you on twitter. Ask them politely to follow you.

unfollow twitter

If you’re on Facebook and want to find out who unfriended you on Facebook, here is the tutorial.

Find out who removed you on Google plus circles. Also learn the reasons why people unfollow you on twitter.

How to find out who recently unfollowed me on twitter

All the apps which are mentioned below needs your twitter account to authorize so that they can scan and send timely updates on who unfollowed you.


Sign in with your twitter account

Find out which twitter follower has unfollowed you

Get notifications by email, tweet or DM

Also find who is not following you back.


It’s a French site. It finds no-follow back and inactive followings.

You can receive the name of your unfollowers by mail or DM.

Just unfollow

Just unfollow is a popular twitter management tool.

It can find out who unfollowed me on twitter.

It can unfollow non-followers and inactive users.

You can also follow back those who follow you.

Previously we had reviewed Just unfollow here 1 and here 2.


Email or DM’s you when someone unfollowed you on twitter.

It checks for people who’re not following you back.

No automatic tweets without your permission.

No non-sense tool.

Managing a twitter account is not as simple as that. If you don’t want to follow someone, but you want to read their tweets, you can add them to twitter lists which are easy to manage. Follow only people who interact with humans. You can use twitter lists to add bots and other official twitter accounts of brands and products.

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