Save Photos from Facebook app on Android


The default facebook app on android doesn’t allow us to save or download images from the album. You can only save facebook photos when you’re using web version from any browser. The facebook app does not have the option to download images. Not to worry, some developer has done a beautiful job of creating this app called Facebook photo downloader.

Facebook photo downloader app for android allows you to save photos from Facebook official android app in one click. Actually it doesn’t work like a separate app; instead it works like a plugin. When you browse on your official facebook app, click on the options to select share button. In the share option, you can see this plugin listed as ‘1 click save’.

save facebook photos app

When using this app to save photos from official facebook android app, you don’t have to leave facebook while saving. You don’t have to take screenshots here after. Instead, just click share and use 1 click save option to save the image directly.

Download facebook photo saver app

Another similar app that allows you to save photos from official facebook android app is from bunny labs facebook photo downloader. Similar to the above mentioned app, this works just like the above one as support plugin to official facebook android app.

You can use the menu option to select share and use ‘download photos from facebook’ to save the images to your SD or phone memory. It downloads the photos in a lightning fast.

Download the app

If you want to hide your photos from the gallery, you can try hide it pro. It can password protect your android gallery photos. Hide it pro works as an audio manager when you open it. Only when you long press the logo of the app, it opens up the hide it pro where you can use PIN or password to hide your gallery photos.

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