20 Handpicked Free Minimalist WordPress Themes


I am a big fan of minimalism. Madrasgeek.com blog theme is based on minimalist design. I want the content to be king and no fancy items to show off as this isn’t a design blog. When I stumbled across a new minimal WP theme, thought of collecting few minimalist WP themes to make a list post. These are some of my favorite WP minimal themes 2013. I dedicate this to lovers of minimalism, those people who are just looking for basics, balance and usability. The below listed themes are clean, good space, some are responsive minimal wp theme too.

Recently I wrote about how hackers insert malicious code inside WP Premium themes that you try to pirate. Always, a premium WP theme is better than a free theme. Developers and designers put lot of efforts to produce a premium WP theme, go buy it instead of pirating it. If you’re planning to use free themes, download it from official WP repository.

Even free WP themes can have malicious codes inside theme files. Better read this guide on how to scan and check for malicious code, malware in WP theme files.

Handpicked Clean Responsive WP Minimal Themes

Minimalist design doesn’t mean black and white or themes with more white space. The WP theme should be clean, easy user interface with proper navigation, headers, footers, fonts used, color schemes etc. If a site uses contrasting colors and fonts hurting the eyes, irregular layout that spoils the content area are some of the features of bad designed WP themes. A theme becomes minimal when you set the typography, spacing and color schemes perfectly.

Twenty Twelve


The official 2012 theme from WordPress is the standard for all other WP themes. One of the best minimal responsive WP themes I have used. Every wp user must have known about 2012 WP theme. I’m expecting 2013 theme for WordPress soon.

Responsive WP theme from themeid


Responsive WP theme from themeid is one of the most popular WP themes downloaded. Lot of customization options where you can upload logo, social networking icons, webmaster tools etc. It is also cross browser compatible.



Origin WP theme is from alienwp theme portal. It looks simple, elegant and has a responsive layout. Responsive layout means your website layout is adjustable for better viewing on desktop, tablets and mobile devices. You don’t have to add a mobile theme separately.



Oxygen is a professional magazine theme that can be used for blogging. It has a content slider which can be used to display featured posts. Lot of widgets, theme settings, custom background etc.

Minimal Photography theme


WordPress theme for photographers. I see lot of amateur photographers starting their own Facebook page to display their photography works. I suggest them to build their fan base on websites. Anytime you can lose Facebook. Don’t build your business on a third party site. So for a professional photography website, here is the minimal WP theme.

Truly Minimal


As the name suggest, it is truly minimal. You have options to customize typography, custom page templates, theme widgets, etc.



Colorway impressed me at first look. Beautiful theme.



Another minimal WordPress theme from catch themes.

Respo WP theme


Respo is one of my favorite minimal WP themes. I previously planned to use Respo for this blog. Later I went with Genesis framework.

Clean Retina


With greyish background, clean retina is simply awesome.

Hatch WP theme (for photography)


Another WP photography theme for budding photographers to showcase their work. Completely responsive which adapts automatically to your tablets and mobile devices. It can be customized to 9 home page layouts, featured slider etc.

Stumblr (tumblr style WP theme)


Tumblr style wordpress theme. There are lots of tumblr look like WP themes, but this one stands out in minimal design.

Simple market


Simple market is a html5 responsive WP theme.

Shadows WP theme


Another choice of mine was Shadows WP theme when I wanted to change theme for this blog.

Delicate WP theme


Delicate is a responsive and highly customizable lightweight theme.

Photo Free Gallery WP theme


Minimal WP Business theme


Zenhabits WP Theme

If you’re a big fan of Zenhabits blog, then here is the theme used in Zenhabits blog.

Imbalance (WP photography theme)


Manifest WP Theme


All these themes impressed me on first look. They are all handpicked WP minimal themes from madrasgeek.com blog. Enjoy!

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  1. Great list of themes. Surely I’ll try few of them. Thanks for sharing.

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