Create Short Animated Gif on Google+ with Auto Awesome Tool


Google+ has added a new feature called Auto Awesome which automatically creates new photos that you’ve already added. From the series of photos which you’ve added, it automatically makes a short animated gifs from bursts of related pictures. Auto Awesome tool creates motion photos from the photos that you’ve uploaded.

Auto Awesome can merge your pictures into HDR (high dynamic range), panoramic shot, animated gifs and more. For example: if you upload series of photos in different exposure, it merges them into one HDR image. If you upload series of landscape photos with some overlapping, it creates into panoramic shot. If you add series of photos in succession, it will create animated gifs.

If you’ve taken a few group photos, Auto Awesome will choose the best shots of each person in your image and merge them into one great looking photo. If you’ve taken a series of portraits sharing similar background elements, Auto Awesome will compile these photos together into a photobooth style grid. Mix is meant to showcase portrait photos taken with similar backgrounds in time, so it works best when there are close-ups of faces.

You can find these motion photos on Google plus. Just search for motion.gif. Even search for #autoawesome in Google+ and restrict the results to photos.

To disable the Auto awesome tool, go to settings menu in Google plus and uncheck auto awesome.

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