10 Best Mobile app Alternatives to Google Reader


Google reader was shut down on July 1st and it’s a sad day for people who’ve been consuming lot of information daily from websites using RSS. In fact, Google reader played a major role in day to day activities (at least for me). I read half the article on my desktop, read the rest while am on travel. Google reader syncs everything in a matter of seconds. Not only syncing, but also you can archive any article by simply liking it.

When Google announced in April that Reader will no longer be available from July 1st, many small startups which are into RSS related business started to pour in their innovation and target the users of Google reader. You find many enough Google reader alternatives on the web, but this post will help you to find out the best mobile app as Google reader alternative to consume daily feeds.

Web based RSS feed readers can easily take your Google reader subscriptions. You can either Login using your Google account, or simply export your OPML file from your Google reader account. OPML file has all your subscription data. So you can import OPML file to any RSS feed reader that can retrieve all your subscriptions.

Exporting Google Reader RSS Feed Subscription OPML using Google Takeout

Go to Google takeout link. If you’re already logged into your Google account, then this link will automatically take you to the export data page. You can find the total size of your export data, click archive. It will redirect to a page where you can download the Google reader data. Now you’ve to unzip the file which was downloaded. Inside reader folder, you can find subscriptions.xml file. You need to use this file on other RSS feed readers to import your subscription list.

google reader takeout rss opml file

Before we jump into the mobile app alternatives, check out the web based RSS reader alternatives to Google reader. My choices are,

3 Best Google Reader Clones

Feedly – I have been using feedly past two months and loved it. Previously you need to install the chrome extension to use feedly on web. But after the rise in users, team feedly has developed into a standalone cloud based RSS app. You can access them directly via cloud.feedly.com.

Feedly even have android, iOS mobile apps. To subscribe any website to Feedly, you can use their chrome extension or browser bookmarklet. Simply hit the bookmarklet to add the specific website to your feedly rss reader. You have lot of other features on Feedly, am not going to explain it here. You can find it on their official website.


The Old reader – My second choice after the demise of Google reader was The Old reader. It has similar user interface and very minimalistic. I loved it mainly because of the interface. I have written 10 reasons to love The Old Reader as Google reader alternative. Do read my thoughts.

Digg reader – The famous social bookmarking site Digg have created a RSS reader called Digg reader. It has a mix of Digg top news stories and RSS in a simple interface. It looks similar to the Google reader interface.

Goread.io is the exact clone of Google reader. Just import the OPML subscriptions xml file and goread uses same keyboard shortcuts as Google reader. Check the below screenshot on how it looks.

go read google reader clone

There are other web based rss readers such as AOL reader, Pulse (now it has got a web based reader too) and few others. The top 3 choices feedly, old reader and digg reader are my choices. I loved Google reader for its simple interface, easy sharing options and keyboard shortcuts. All these 3 favorite alternatives are equally good.

Mobile App Alternatives to Google reader

If you’re like me who uses Google reader mobile app more while on travel, here are few alternatives. There are lots of mobile apps with awesome user interface. I love reader for its minimalistic interface on Phones and heavy fancy UI on tablets. My primary need is to consume information on mobile and if you prefer other extra features on a RSS, you can use them on tablets which have big screen size. So ultimately, minimalistic RSS reader on mobile phones and Magazine style RSS readers on Tablets.

For Smart phones I prefer-

Fast News is a light weight RSS reader and a news reader app. It shows current news articles from your country major newspapers. It supports almost all major countries.


Newsrob has been my favorite light weight rss reader app. But sad to see it go after the demise of Google reader.

Press RSS reader is a simple and elegant rss reader that has a clean user interface. It can support syncing from your Feedly account. If you’ve a feedly account, Press RSS works on feedly engine. So it can sync articles from feedly.

gNewsReader again runs on feedly engine. It looks elegant and provides full feedly support for BlackBerry and Symbian devices. If you own a blackberry / symbian device you can use this rss app.

If you’re on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, then NextGen is the app. Runs on feedly engine, has a fast and clean and beautiful reader app inspired from Metro UI and packed with powerful features.

There are lots of other android based RSS reader apps that I’m yet to try it out. I will update this space as I keep trying new RSS reader apps on Android. If you’re using iOS device, then find the link below to best RSS reader apps for iPhone, iPad.

For Tablets –

For tablets, magazine style RSS feed reader apps is the best. It gives you a ultimate pleasure of reading articles. The swipes and turns to next and previous articles, magazine style view with thumbnails display and one click share to social profiles etc. makes it awesome.

Some of the magazine style RSS reader apps that I prefer are Flipboard, gReader, Pluse news, Google currents, Feedly, Zite and more. You can read my list of magazine style rss reader apps with screenshots.

If you own an iOS device such as iPhone, iPad – here is the list of 5 Best RSS reader apps for iPhone, iPad. Do check out and add if any of the apps is outdated or missed out.

If you’re looking for desktop based RSS reader – my choices are Feed demon for Windows and Favoriteer for Mac.

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