5 Ways to Download Instagram Videos and Photos


Instagram recently launched video service where you can capture and share your moments with your friends. You can give a life to your static instagram pictures. When you go to take a photo on instagram, you can find video icon. You can capture video up to 15 seconds through instagram camera. You can even use cinema feature that lets you stabilize your shaky videos after you take it.

Easy way to download Instagram videos

Instagram videos can be downloaded using 2 ways. One using Firefox video downloads plugin that allows you to download streaming videos online. There are lots of Firefox addons to download videos from the web; using such addons on Firefox you can download instagram videos to your PC.

Flashgot Firefox addon that we reviewed earlier supports downloading instagram videos. With this addon you can download any streaming videos on the internet. It supports various websites. Once you’ve installed it, just visit the webpage with a video and you will see the flashgot icon in your address bar blinking. You can click it and download to your PC.

download instagram videos

You can even download Instagram videos using Download helper or Ant video downloader extensions for Firefox.

Another simple method to download instagram videos is using Torch web browser. Torch web browser is based on the chromium technology, so looks similar to Google chrome. It comes with media downloading and sharing features. Torch browser works best with torrent downloads, video files etc. With built in functions to download media files, you can easily download Instagram videos to your PC.

Download Instagram videos offline

Once you’ve installed torch browser on your PC, visit the Instagram video page and play the video. Once it starts playing, you can see the media icon which is grayed out previously turns live. Simply click the media/video icon to download the instagram video offline to your PC.

torch browser

Backup Instagram Photos and videos

Previously I wrote about backing up Instagram photos, check out this post to learn about backing up your Instagram photos and videos. There are 3 beautiful apps to backup your Instagram account.

Save Instagram Photos to PC

There is a Windows desktop client Instagrille by Pokki that lets you download your instagram photos to your PC. It is a standalone desktop client for Windows PC.  You can simply sign in with your instagram account and view, browse Instagram photos and download them easily.

There is another method to download Instagram photos to your PC. Actually it isn’t a hard way. But using right click inspect element in your Google chrome, you can locate the instagram image and save them to your PC.

Open the Instagram photo using Google chrome and right click on the image > select inspect element option.

instagram photos download to pc (1)

The image link will be highlighted and on the right side, you can find the image JPG url. Click the jpg url and open in a new tab. Right click and save the image to your PC.

instagram photos download to pc (2)

If you find any more new methods to download instagram videos, do let us know through comments below.

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