Best Ways to Transfer Files between Mac and Android over Wi-Fi


Earlier days when I bought my first android phone, I used to transfer files such as photos, music, videos from my PC to android phone through data cable. Then found cool software Android sync manager for Windows that syncs all your files from android to PC using Wi-Fi. Lately I have been using Software data cable android app that helps you to transfer files over Wi-Fi. You even have some innovative apps like bump, where you can bump two phones to transfer contacts, apps etc. You bump your phone with your keyboard to transfer it to your PC over Wi-Fi.

If you’re a Mac user, you can download Android File transfer for Mac to transfer files between mac and android device. For this you need USB cable that come with your android device. To make it more easily, Droid NAS app allows you to share files between mac and android over Wi-Fi. You can transfer files between your mac and android phone over Wi-Fi.

Transfer files from mac to android over Wi-Fi

Droid NAS does a simple task. It allows you to share files between your mac and android device. You need to install droid nas app on your phone and select the profile to start with. You can choose different profiles such as home, office, cafe etc. Both the phone and mac should be on the same Wi-Fi network.

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In your Mac finder, you can see your android device listed as bonjour computer. With single tap, you can share any folder between your android and mac including external SD cards.

Open the app, select the profile and hit start server. All your SD card elements, camera, downloads, music, photos and other files can be transferred between your mac and android. You don’t need to carry your data cable with your android. Just make sure both the phone and mac are using the same Wi-Fi network.

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Transfer Music from iTunes on Mac to Android

If you want to transfer music files between mac and android, suppose if you want to sync your iTunes playlist to android, then you can try Doubletwist music player. Double twist with magic radio allows you to sync iTunes playlist to your phone from your mac over USB or Airsync over Wi-Fi.

Share docs from Mac to Android

Another simple idea to share doc files between your Mac and android device is using Dropbox. Install Dropbox on mac and also on your android device. Add files to Dropbox from mac and use it on your android device.

If you’re using any other simple method to transfer files between your mac and android device, do let us know through comments below.

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