5 Best Websites to Learn New Foreign Languages


I always wanted to learn a new language in my life. Everybody should at least learn one new language in their life. Learning a new language will help you to understand different culture and you can explore different parts of the world and be knowledgeable and know about life. It definitely improves your life skills and you will enjoy travelling. You can learn any language if you start talking with the people in their native language. But to start with, you should know few words like thank you, good bye, hello etc. and phrases of that language. Here is a quick guide to get started. Here are few best websites to learn new language.

Free Websites to Learn a New Language

Surface Languages

Surface language is an online language learning suite that has total of 39 languages. More languages are updated monthly. Select a language and start learning basic words, phrases, numbers, colors etc. English – foreign language – audio. This is the format used in the website. Each word or phrase has an audio button to play and learn the pronunciation.

surface lang

For example: if you want to learn Hindi (which is widely used language here in India), click the language which is displayed on the sidebar of homepage. Then you can learn basic words, numbers, colors etc. When you’re done with basic lessons, use flash card to test your skill. That’s done, you jump to small conversation phrases like “have you visited my country”, this is my first visit etc. Small conversation phrases will help you to learn the language quick and you can use this in conversation.

I just love this website.


iMendi covers 8 languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Russian, Arabic and Czech. Each language has 12 courses that cover all the basic needs. How to get started? First select your language. If you’re English, select English and select the language which you want to learn. For example: select Spanish. It shows you the course lessons English-Spanish.

It gives you two options. To learn the basic words first and then take a test on it. As said, it has 12 lessons starting from basic conversation, colors & numbers, days, time, food and drink, adjectives, transportation, health, shopping, sports, hobbies, animals etc. You can select each lesson, learn the words first and then take the test.

Unfortunately it doesn’t have audio clips for each word. So, beginners will find it difficult to learn how to pronounce those words.



Duolingo is a complete language learning suite where it supports Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German and more. You need to register it for free to start using it. Select the language and it shows your skill tree where you going to start from the basics. Duolingo interface has fun elements. Once you start learning, based on your progress you will be given points and virtual badges.


Forvo is one of the best websites in 2013 awarded by TIME magazine. It is your pronunciation guide with more than 10 million words in 306 languages. You can be a contributor, listen and learn with Forvo. The website has thousands of words pronounced audio clips by native speakers. Completely user generated content.

BBC Languages

bbc quickfix

Similar to iMendi and surface languages, BBC has online learning suite that supports more than 40 languages where you can learn right from basics. It has course lessons, audio and video, vocabulary activities and tests too. Check out this sample link to learn French basics.

These are my five favorite websites to learn a new foreign language. If you have any other website that you have tried out to learn a new language, use comments section below to enter your thoughts.

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