Use Wolfram Alpha to Get Facebook Profile Insights


Wolfram alpha is the world’s first computational knowledge engine which is brilliant and uses expert level algorithms to answer questions. If you haven’t tried out Wolfram alpha, go to Wolfram Alpha website. After Wikipedia, Wolfram alpha is the best website which is useful for everyone. I stumbled across a useful Wolfram alpha tool that joins hands with Facebook to bring out Personal analysis tool for Facebook profiles. You can get your Facebook profile analytics with the help of Wolfram alpha engine.

Go to Wolfram Alpha and enter “Facebook report”) without quotes into the text bar and start with analysis part directly. You can even click this link directly to get Facebook analysis button to start with.

Once you connect your Facebook profile with Wolfram alpha account, it produces a report of your profile. The report brings out personal information and analysis on your social data computed by wolfram alpha engine.

So what information it displays? It clusters your friends; find where in the world are your friends, where do they live, which countries etc. This shows your networks global reach. It shows how popular are your friends, what do you talk, your conversations, frequently used words, the time when you use Facebook, when are you most active, what kind of friends you have, their ages, structure of your friends network, how are your friends tied together, your most popular photos, etc.

I just tried this by connecting my Facebook profile with Wolfram alpha. I authorized my Facebook profile and it asked me to create a wolfram alpha account which is free. With just two steps, I created one account on Wolfram alpha (which will be later useful when using Wolfram alpha engine, because you save your history, favorite search queries and more features for registered users).

Before analyzing about the Wolfram alpha Facebook tool, some more points – It doesn’t misuse any of your information. It maintains highest standards of privacy protection. Your profile personal analysis reports aren’t published anywhere. It is private to you. If you wish, you can publish results. This tool shows only personal analysis for Facebook profiles only and not for Facebook pages.

First it shows all the personal information from your profile like your name, vanity username, birthday, age, home town, residence etc. Everything is clickable, so you can click each item to view its own statistics. For example: if you click on the hometown, it shows all the details about it.

The second part it displays your recent activities. The total number of status messages, links posted and photos uploaded. It shows a graphical chart with the count numbers and ratio. It also displays weekly distribution and the time posted. If you mouseover, you can find the breakdown details.

facebook analysis tool (1)

The third part it analyzes the post length, words used and frequencies etc. The number of characters used in status messages, word frequencies. It shows a word cloud of significant words used.

facebook analysis tool (2)

The fourth part it shows the most liked posts, most commented on post, top commentators, top post sharers etc.

facebook analysis tool (3)

The other stuff it displays include places checked in, weekly app activity, weekly interface activity, the most liked photos, the most commented photos, etc.

The major part comes here; it shows the friends’ gender, relationship statuses and friends’ ages. From this chart you can easily find how many male, female friends, how many are single, in relationship, married and also the average age of your friends. It shows 5 friends who are the eldest and 5 friends who are youngest.

facebook analysis tool (4)

It also shows friends location, country wise and number of friends too. Also it shows friends’ local times, birthdays, most common friend names, most mutual friends, friends with most friends, etc.

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