Remove Stains from Photos using Free Photo Blemish Remover


Tackling stains from clothes is not a big task. One simple tip I read long back is using vinegar as stain remover. Whether it is blood, ink, oil, grease, wine, sweat stains etc. vinegar can remove it easily. Sometimes our photo has stains, blemishes and acnes on skin/face. How to remove those acnes on skin? I stumbled upon a free tool Photo Blemish remover that does the job.

Photo Blemish Remover allows you to quickly remove stains and other imperfections in your photos. Generally our old photos with stains can be easily removed with this tool. I tried with different photos and stains, it removes them perfectly.

How to use this free tool?

Install, open and load your photo

Simply adjust the brush size and choose the exact point of place where you need to remove stains.

acnes remover

Point to the area and click your mouse. It removes stains, blemishes and acnes of marks on the skin.

If you need to remove stains from small area, use zoom functions and reduce the size of the brush to get accurate pixel.

How does the tool work?

If you have used Photoshop clone stamp tool, similar process takes place here. It automatically replaces the sampled pixels in the image to match the surrounding area.

Form the image or pattern, it matches the texture, lighting and shading of the sampled pixels and automatically replaces the pixels. Unlike Photoshop clone stamp tool it doesn’t ask you to specify a sample spot.

stain remover

Download Photo Blemish Remover

If you want to work the same process of removing stains from photos using Photoshop, here is the guide.

  1. Open Photoshop (am using CS5 here)
  2. Load your image
  3. Select clone stamp tool
  4. photoshop tutorial stain remover

  5. Select a specific spot to match your pixels
  6. Hold ALT button and click on the specific area.
  7. Now brush the area which you want to replace pixels.

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  1. Vijesh says:

    Sweet and simple tool to remove stains from old photos Srivathsan. I like this particular tool as it removes pimples and black spots from a persons face.

  2. Puneet says:

    Nice tool .. actually this tool will be very useful for newbie photoshop users and also for many other users making it ease to remove stains from old pics of our old family pics

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