3 Creative Ways to Use Dropbox Cloud Storage Service


Dropbox which was started in 2006 has turned into a rising leader in cloud storage with faster, easier access to files and safer away to store and share data’s. Also Dropbox is one of the hottest tech startups with less than 200 employees and 50 Million+ users. More professionals and digital enthusiasts use Dropbox on their daily life for day to day activities. To your surprise, rapper Will.i.am (Black Eyed Peas) used Dropbox to collaborate with producer David Guetta on the hit song “I Got a Feeling”.

Cloud storage helps in many practical uses to store and share data online. You may use it for backup, sharing files with your friends. But actually cloud storage services can be used for many other activities. I just use my Dropbox cloud storage service creatively for 3 cases.

Send Pocket Items to Dropbox and Save as PDF

If you’re using Pocket app to save articles to read it later, with the help of IFTTT (If this then that) you can send all your pocket articles to Dropbox and save them as PDF file for later read. Pocket is one of the best inventions for me. It allows you to save any article for later read. You can simply use its web browser extension or mobile app to instantly send web links to read it later. All your articles are stored in pocket account that can be read later.

dropbox to pdf

With the help of IFTTT recipe you can now send all your pocket articles to Dropbox as PDF file. If you’re hearing about IFTTT for the first time, you should read our articles on IFTTT.

Here are few recipes from IFTTT that can send all your Pocket links to Dropbox as PDF files. With the help of Dropbox, you can retrieve the PDF from anywhere and read it.

If you’re not using Dropbox, here are few more IFTTT recipes for doing the similar task with Box, Google drive and Ever note.

I use this IFTTT recipe many times whenever I find articles which are more than 2500 words and too lengthy to read. I just push it to pocket. Later it sends it to Dropbox as PDF file.

Writebox – Dropbox text editor

Open notepad, write something and save it. It will save the notepad file in your local hard disk. Similar concept, open Writebox app on your web browser, write something and save it automatically to your Dropbox folder.

Writebox is a simple text editor for Dropbox that helps you to concentrate on distraction free writing and sharing your writing text on your computers and devices. You can open Writebox and hit F11 on your browser to get full screen for distraction free writing. You can even load text data from Dropbox folder.

write box

You need to authorize your Dropbox account with Writebox, so that you can sync all the text data files from your Dropbox account. Your text is automatically saved on your local with every key type. You can use Ctrl+S for shortcut to sync with Dropbox.

Get Email Attachments to Dropbox

This is something similar to send attachments directly to Google drive concept. Authorize your Dropbox account with Send to Dropbox. You will get your unique email address – For example: abc@sendtodropbox.com. So any email attachment send to that unique address will be backed up to Dropbox attachment folder.

If you’re using Gmail as your primary email address, then you can setup email forwarding in your Gmail Options. Under the address settings, you can add email forwarding. Verify the email address and there you go!

If you’ve some more creative ways to use Dropbox, do let us know through comments!

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