Bluetooth device to find lost items with iPhone app


This Bluetooth low energy device called Button TrackR can track and find items that we normally misplace in our daily activities. Did you know the average adult misplaces 200,000 items in their life time? That’s 100 hours a year spent on looking for lost stuff. What items do we misplace often? Our car keys, house keys, glasses, wallet, handbags, TV remotes, etc. Where do we misplace them? Mostly at bar, coffee shops or restaurants. How to avoid this? We should be equipped with the latest technology that can save us time and stress. If you already have a smartphone like iPhone, then having a small gadget like Button TrackR can eliminate the common frustration involved in misplacing an item and searching for it.

Button TrackR is a small coin-sized device that is made up of Bluetooth low energy technology or Bluetooth Smart that consumes less energy and can be fitted across any small device. So this button shaped device which people can stick to commonly misplaced belongings to track with a powerful, cloud-based application on their iPhone.

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Before I jump into explaining in detail, I will tell you how this works. You stick this button trackr on any item you want such as tv remote, wallet, bicycle, etc. Install an iPhone app called Item TrackR. The app runs on your phone and wirelessly connects to the Button TrackR. If the item is left behind, both the phone and device will notify the user before the items is lost. Similar to StickNFind Bluetooth sticker that we reviewed sometime back.

So at what situations can you use Button TrackR? You can stick it on your car keys, wallet, stick on your cats, dogs, pets etc. If you’re travelling on flights, you can stick on your luggage. Over 30,000,000 bags are lost on flights annually. 3000 bags are lost every hour. So these are some of the use cases for Button TrackR.

The app can then guide the user to within five feet of this exact location using GPS and a short distance Hot & Cold finding system within the app.  Users can also locate their lost items by causing the Button TrackR device to ring.  The system is completely bidirectional which means if the user can’t find their phone (and the phone is on silent), the user can press a Button on the TrackR device and cause the phone to ring.

Most tracking devices stop there, but thanks to our Crowd-Sourced Tracking Technology, users can pinpoint the location of their misplaced valuables. The device broadcasts a unique signal detectable by all phones of Button TrackR users. When another Button TrackR user comes into the proximity of a lost item, a message is sent to our cloud application and seamlessly updates you with your item’s latest location.

buttont racker gps map

You can track 10 devices simultaneously from a single phone or tablet. The devices have a range of 100ft. Once the user is separated from the device by more than 100ft, the phone takes a GPS snapshot of where the device was left behind. Then uses Crowd sourced finding so users can locate their items from anywhere on the planet.

As of now the Button TrackR works with iPhone using Item TrackR app. Comign soon on Android Google play store. But if you have Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2 you can use this app.

Note: What I liked about the device is, it is bidirectional. If you can’t find your phone, press the Button TrackR device to cause your phone to ring… even if it is on silent mode. You can also ring the lost item from the app apart from locating them using map or GPS snapshot later with the help of crowd sourcing tracking technology.

The product is available on IndieGoGo for Pre-Order at ButtonTrackR

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  1. Vijesh says:

    I like this technology of Button TrackR, but it is only for iPhone and when it comes to play store it works only for Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2 what about low end devices?

    I found the cost of the device to be 25$ and 7$ extra on shipping through the link you gave.

    Thanks for the share…

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