Android Gmail App Not Working / Syncing Emails? [Solved]


If you’re facing this problem on Android 4.1 or Android 4.2.2 where the official Gmail app for android is not working or syncing emails automatically? I recently faced this issue where none of my emails synced properly on my Nexus. The Gmail android app not notifying new emails doesn’t sync at all. When troubleshooting it, I learned many ways to make it work again. Here are some methods to make your Gmail app on android to sync emails.

The first thing that you should check is whether you have an active internet connection. If you’re on Wi-Fi make sure it works properly. If you’re using cellular data connection, then make sure they work properly just by opening few web pages from your browser.

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Adding to it makes sure your device is not in Airplane mode and has a working signal. The main problem that I found was Gmail app isn’t sync all my emails at the right time. So turn off and on the sync option. Also make sure you have enabled the auto sync option is checked. You can go to settings > accounts and sync and checkbox for Auto sync is checked.

If still the problem exists, turn off the device or restart the device. Hold power or end call button and then select power off. Again few minutes, switch on the device again. Your device will re-sync with the server after restarting. If still the problem exists, it is either because of low memory notification or problem with your account and password.

If your phone/android device internal memory is low, Gmail doesn’t automatically sync emails from the server. Check the notification about low memory. If you find any of those sorts, you need to free up some internal memory space by deleting unused applications in order for Gmail to sync.

Also there is greater chance of password error. If you have notification regarding sign in or password error, you should make sure your account information is correct in order for Gmail to sync. If you’ve signed up for 2 step verification, you need to enter application specific password for your Gmail app to sync emails with server.

Sometimes there are fewer chances for Gmail server issues. Most of the time Gmail is up, sometimes a problem with the main Gmail servers can prevent the Gmail app from auto syncing. If nothing works out, you need to clear data of Gmail app. Under settings > manage apps > Gmail, open and clear cache and clear data. By doing this you will result in loss of any saved, unsent, draft emails, signature etc.

Hope these troubleshooting tips will help you in case you find Gmail app on android acting weird.

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