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Whatsapp is the king of messaging system that includes texts, images, audio, video sharing etc. There isn’t official Whatsapp client for PC desktop, but you can install the Whatsapp mobile app using Bluestacks app on your computer. You can send and receive Whatsapp messages from your computer using bluestacks app. Even you can install Whatsapp on tablet devices like Nexus 7 Wi-Fi only that doesn’t support SIM cards, mobile networks. The happy news is you don’t need any third party app to install Whatsapp on PC. There is an open source Whatsapp desktop client under development. This tool can be installed by anyone on their PC to chat using Whatsapp. The program is completely open source, so any one can see the code or participate to develop more features.

Whatsapp desktop app download

Whatsapp desktop client for Windows is an open source tool that allows you to chat on Whatsapp from PC and from your smartphones. At this moment, Whatsapp is only available for mobile platform such as iOS and android. The goal of this project is to create a working Whatsapp client for desktop computer.


Currently the Whatsapp desktop client is in beta stage. As it is an open source tool, the developers are seeking help on the project to take it to the next level. As of now, the desktop client is not yet functional, but only testing the authentication (as you can see the screenshot above).

There are lot of Whatsapp alternatives and instant messengers on the web; the funny thing is you don’t have the user base of Whatsapp. The number of friends using Whatsapp to other IM clients is too low when compared. After Google talk and Facebook chat, Whatsapp is in third position.

So calling out developers and open source enthusiasts who’re keen in taking this Whatsapp desktop client to the next level, find the code here and it uses C# as primary language.

Few days back I wrote about Whatsapp Invisible mode – you can download the android app that allows you to go invisible on Whatsapp and appear offline to your Whatsapp friends. Cool isn’t it? Go to this link to read it.

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