How to find the name of a song stuck in your head


Sometimes when you listen to the song in radio, you get the song stuck in your head. How to find that song you heard, but can’t remember?? It is easy when you remember the starting line of the song, you can Google it and find out. But all you can remember is only a chorus or middle part of the song, how do we find it? Google can’t help you out when you hum a beat or just enter a line of lyrics which sends you thousands of similar results.

SoundHound is the world’s fastest, accurate music identification app that we listed among the top 25 apps for android 2012. It has a large database of music and brilliant algorithm that can find the exact song that we sing or record live using singing and humming recognition. Along with its brilliant search, you can listen to any music; it brings you free song streams and more.

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It uses sound2sound technology, searching sound against sound. You can hum any part of the song, music or record the song live from the speakers. So it captures the sound from the air (microphone), searches its database and brings you the exact song along with the lyrics. It detects all voice recognition, sometimes has little bit trouble when we pronounce lyrics or hum beats.

All your searches are stored in the history; you can search for new songs based on the genre, artists and songs. As you play the song, it displays the lyrics will goes along with the song. Soundhound is available for android, iOS, Windows phone, ovi store etc.

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For testing out, I tried to record the avril lavigne complicated song from my speakers. I just recorded some music from the middle part of the song. It detects perfectly. Then I tried to hum the tune with some dummy lyrics, it detects perfectly. It shocked me. Amazing app. totally love it.

I am not sure how many times a day I use this app, but often we all stuck with some songs that we hear when travelling or through radio channels. At times, Soundhound comes in handy.

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