Send Links from Google Chrome to Android Phone/Tablet


While using my desktop, I feel like reading some web links or stories on my Nexus 7. How do I send the interesting web page links to my Android tablet so that I could read it later? There are many ways to send links from Google chrome desktop to Android tablet / smartphones. You can use Chrome to Phone extension, you can use read it later (pocket app) or just bookmark in your chrome browser, so it syncs on your chrome tablet browser.

pocket app

Chrome to Phone

Google chrome to phone is a simple extension that is developed to help in this issue. You can send any webpage links, phone numbers, selected text, maps to your android phone/tablet. For this you need to install Chrome to Phone browser extension and Chrome to Phone app on your android. Once done, you can simply light a text to send it to android. Or if you’re viewing a webpage, use the extension icon from your address bar to send the page to your android tablet.

Pocket app

When you find something that you want to read it later, use Pocket. It has a chrome extension, android app. Unlike Chrome to phone, you don’t have to install it everywhere. Just install the chrome ext. and use it to save links, photos, and videos to read it later.  Go to to view and read all your saved articles. It automatically syncs to your phone, tablet or computer so you can view it at any time, even without an internet connection.

It has a tool bar, keyboard shortcut to save any page, integrated with your Google reader, twitter to save links, photos instantly without redirecting, right click context menu option to save any link and it syncs across all devices – iPhone, iPad, Android and more.

Sync Bookmarks to Nexus 7 Chrome browser

If you’re using any android tablet or smartphone with chrome browser, you can actually sync all your bookmarks from Chrome browser on your computer to your tablet or phone. Go to chrome on your computer and open settings to select Sign in to Chrome option. If you’re using same Google account on your Nexus 7, then it syncs all your bookmarks to Nexus 7 chrome browser. Finally you can save any article on your computer to view later on your Nexus 7 android tablet.

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