Send Encrypted Email Messages through Gmail


Sometimes we send personal information like credit card details, tax information, health issues through private email service like Gmail. The most secure email service, but there is something that should be kept private. Do you know? Even though you send messages through private email service, it can be traced down and intercept with certain tools. If your passwords get leaked or stolen, hackers can read your messages from archives. If your passwords are strong and the recipients account is hacked, what will you do now? Your messages are seen by the other party.

Safe Gmail is a chrome extension that allows you to send encrypted messages inside Gmail. You can send private secret messages with military grade PGP encryption facility from your Gmail inbox. It works with any recipient. Your recipient doesn’t need any extension to view your message.

How does Safe Gmail work?

Install the Safe Gmail extension in your chrome browser.

Open compose email, select the encrypt option.

safe gmail (1)

Enter a security question and an answer. The question and the answer should be known to your recipient too.

Now compose your message and send it.

Your messages are encrypted and sent.

safe gmail (2)

The recipient will receive your message with the link to decrypt it. Only when the recipient answers your question, he is able to see the encrypted message.

safe gmail (3)

After some time, the encrypted messages are automatically expired to prevent unwanted readers.

Is it really safe to use the extension?

When you hit the send button, the encryption is done in your browser and email message is sent. The encryption message isn’t stored anywhere; instead there is an encryption key that gets stored in the Safe Gmail cloud. Similarly, the message decryption is just the opposite. The encryption key is pulled out from the Safe Gmail cloud and the messages are decrypted. So your email messages aren’t stored or send anywhere.

safe gmail (4)

Safe Gmail extension is completely open source, so if you’re a developer you can check the codes.

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