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How do I print email from Gmail? When you open the email, there are 3 small buttons to the right side (expand all, print, open in new window). When you click print icon, it prints the full email with all the conversation threads. Suppose if you want to print individual email, then you need to click the small down arrow beside the specific thread and select ‘Print’ from it. By using this method, you can print just a single message in Gmail. You can anyway check the preview window and then print it.

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How Do I print from Android Tablet / Phones?

Usually owning an android phone or tablet is a great advantage and removes the need for paper print because you can take the device wherever you go! If you want to print some official stuff from your android phone or tablet, how do I do? If you have a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled printer, then it’s cool. If you want to get the thing done with your printer you already own, here is the guide.

We are going to print from android tablet or phone using Google cloud print technology. For this, you need to have your Computer switched on which is connected to your printer and Google account logged into your Chrome browser on PC. Make sure both on PC and mobile you have logged into same Google account. If you’re using different Google account on home PC and on your mobile, then you can share a printer from one cloud print account to another. You can do this if you go to this link.

You should have your PC connected to printer, chrome browser logged into your Google account and your android device with the Cloud Print app. You can download and install the cloud print app from play store.

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Before you start printing, configure your Chrome browser to accept print command from android device. For this, go to chrome settings > show advanced settings > under Google cloud Print > click add printers > by doing this you’re adding your local printer connected to your PC with your Google account.

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That’s it. You’re done. You can now send any file, photo, docs to print from your android tablet/phone. Make sure your computer is switched on and connected to your local printer. Else, all your print commands from android device will start printing once your computer is on.

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