How to Organize Bookmarks in Chrome Effectively


How do you organize your bookmarks in Chrome? I use Google chrome as my primary browser; manage bookmarks, read later articles stuff. Most of the time for read later articles, I either use pocket app or Instapaper. For other resources, I bookmark lot of stuff. For example: web designing resources, freebies, fitness related motivation, photography, daily visit forums etc. I add folders and organize my bookmarks under it. My Google account dashboard says I manage around 4K bookmarks, that’s a lot.

Recently I stumbled across a chrome extension to manage bookmarks effectively. It allows you to access bookmarks by opening a new tab. Also you can find bookmarks from chrome omnibar. Once you’ve installed the extension, simply type find and hit tab to search your bookmarks.

bookmarks omnibar search

Quick Bookmarks extension for chrome organizes your Google chrome bookmarks perfectly. You can easily move/remove/add new bookmarks just drag and drop. You can create shortcuts to folders using tabs. It works totally offline.


Unfortunately, the favicons of bookmarks are replaced by default icon. This makes us to look for the title of the page. The user interface of the extension is brilliant, top-level folders automatically expand bookmarks bar, folders, other and applications.

Download Quick Bookmarks extension

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