How to Transfer WordPress Site to New Host?


Today we are going to learn how to move WordPress blog to new server without any errors establishing database connection, without losing any images etc. If you want to move WordPress blog from godaddy to bluehost or move WordPress blog from godaddy to hostgator hosting, follow this easy tutorial with step by step instructions to move WordPress blog from one host to another. If you want to move WordPress blog from one domain to another, we will learn it in the next post. Also I will guide you on how to migrate your blogger blogs to WordPress in next series of posts.

[How to] Moving WordPress to another server

It is easy to migrate WordPress to new server. But people find it very troublesome, because of the fear that they might lose all their blog post, images and other stuff. Today we are going to learn how to transfer WordPress blog from one host to another. Before that let me explain how to move a static html website.

If your website is made up of static HTML files, you can migrate your website to new host. All you need to do is, just backup all your HTML files via FTP. Login to your domain registrar and change the DNS of your new host and then point the domain mapping to new host. Once done, you can simply upload all your static HTML files to your new host via FTP.

When it comes to WordPress, which has lot of PHP files and SQL database to make a website function, we should follow few steps carefully to migrate your WordPress blog to new host/server. Before making a move, you should backup your WordPress blog completely including all theme files, wp-uploads folder, plugins that you’ve used, your database.

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The first three things such as wp-theme files, wp-uploads folder and wp-plugins can be backed up using your FTP. Simply download all the three folders to your PC.

How to backup WordPress site database using phpMyAdmin?

You can back up your WordPress site database using phpmyadmin. If you’re using any WP_Database plugin, then it’s fine. If not, login to your cpanel, navigate to phpMyAdmin and select the database of your WordPress site.

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Now you need to click export tab and export your database in .sql file format. So that it will be easy for us to import on the new host.

Moving WordPress blog from one host to another

Follow the steps carefully in the same order to move your WordPress blog without any hassle. Once you’ve downloaded the copy of your database in .SQL format, create a new folder and have a copy of it in your local hard disk. Also transfer the WP-themes, WP-Uploads and WP-Plugins folder to the local hard disk.

Let us keep this scenario for moving a WordPress blog to a new host. In the new host, you first install the WordPress blog with default settings. You can simply use one click WordPress install from the hosting cpanel to do it. Now it has a WordPress blog with default settings and twenty twelve theme on it.

Before I proceed with the step by step, I will explain in short – this is what we are going to do. To transfer the old WordPress blog to new host, we need to do 3 things.

  1. Install WordPress blog in the new host
  2. Download the database of old WordPress blog and upload the database to the new WordPress blog. So all the content (posts, comments, tags, categories will be restored)
  3. Upload your theme files, uploads (images) and plugins. Activate it one by one.
  4. Now your WordPress blog will be restored with posts, plugins, themes, images, tags, categories etc.
  5. Finally we need to check if everything is working fine without any errors.

Step by Step Instructions to Move WordPress blog to new server

a) Change the permalinks of the WordPress blog in the new host. You can change this under General settings; make the permalink to match the old blog post URL.

b) Now upload your WP-Content folder to the new host via FTP. You can replace the WP-Content folder with the old new. So all the images, themes files and plugins will be uploaded to the new host.

c) Go to phpMyAdmin in the new host and upload your old database. You can simply use the import tab next to exports, using import tab, browse the .SQL file which you downloaded from the old WordPress blog. Import the SQL database file.

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d) If you’re using a different database name, then using FTP, find wp-config.php , open it and change the database name.

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e) Now your blog posts, comments, categories, tags and images should be working fine on the new WordPress blog that you installed in the new host. Now you can go to appearance > themes to change its theme and activate all the plugins.

f) In your domain registrar, you can change the DNS of the new host; replace the old DNS to the new host.

Hope the tutorial is helping you to easily migrate WordPress blog from one host to another. If you find it difficult or stuck in the middle of the process, feel free to contact me via contact page. I am glad to help you anytime.

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  1. Lorenzo says:

    Great tutorial on migrating a site! Just before migrating is a good time to remove any plugins that you aren’t using. For the remaining plugins, try auditing them with the P3 Performance Profile plugin.

    These steps can help you speed up your WP powered site by removing slow plugins.

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