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One of our readers asked “how do people make videos with lyrics on YouTube?” This tutorial will help you to learn how to create a music video with lyrics rolling down as the song plays. Only thing you need to be more careful is syncing the lyrics at the right time. You can do this either using Windows movie maker or any video editor software. You need mp3 file of the song and lyrics to it. In this tutorial I’m going to use Camtasia studio, a screen recording tool with a built in video editor that can enhance your videos.

Before I get to start the tutorial, I would like to tell you that by making this kind of music videos with lyrics will help you in situations like when you’re going to karaoke night or something. Now let us learn how to make music videos with lyrics for YouTube.

Create Music Video with Camtasia Studio

  1. Open your camtasia studio.
  2. Import the mp3 file. (for example: I have taken Avril Lavigne complicated song and its lyrics)
  3. Unlink the video1 and audio1.
  4. Drag and drop the mp3 file to the audio 1 slider.
  5. Now add a title clip.
  6. lyrics to music videos youtube (3)

  7. You can see the video1 slider with the title clip. Drag it till the end of the mp3 song.
  8. Now you need to insert the lyrics at the right minute in the song with proper splits.
  9. You can even add background image to the title clip. So an image will be displayed as background when the lyrics show on the video.
  10. We are splitting the title clip because later we can add transition effects to enhance the music video.
  11. lyrics to music videos youtube (2)

  12. Right click each title clip and edit. Enter the lyrics of the song. Make sure you don’t flood more than 3 lines of lyrics in each title clip.
  13. lyrics to music videos youtube (4)

  14. Once you’re done with the full song, it’s time to add transition effects for title clips.
  15. Finally, click Produce and share to render the music video in your desired format.

lyrics to music videos youtube (1)

If you want an easier method – here you go. – this website allows you to create slideshow with photos and music. Split the lyrics into 8-10 slides. Make the lyrics into each slide, arrange it and add the music in background. Now you get the video ready! Your video is automatically uploaded to the website.

Use this Firefox extension to download the video from to your computer and upload it on YouTube.

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