Google Alerts Not Working? Try Alternative – Talkwalker Alerts


Google alerts is content monitoring service by Google search giant. When you input certain keywords, you get alerts for those keywords when they’re indexed by Google search engines. It will send notification email to you when Google finds new results for your keywords. Results can be anything on web, images, blogs, news, etc. Who uses Google alerts? Companies and business can use Google alert to find out what is being said about them or their product. You keep up to date on competitor or industry. You can also find out the latest happenings on your favorite product or company. For example: If Apple is launching something in a couple of days, you can subscribe to alerts related to the keyword ‘Apple’, ‘iPhone’, ‘iPad’, ‘Mac OS’, ‘Macbook’ etc.

Recently there is lot of issues with Google alerts. I could find lot of people complaining about Google alerts don’t work, Google alerts fails to deliver to feed, Google alerts doesn’t work multiple keywords etc.

Best Google Alerts Alternative – Talkwalker Alerts

There is a new service called Talkwalker Alerts that resembles Google alerts with more features. It’s a complete keyword monitoring service with built in analysis and reporting tool. It scans the web and social media world thoroughly for the information and displays them in a structured manner. You can view all the results from the web browser. You can get email alerts or just like Google alerts you can direct it to RSS feeds. So all the information will be stored as RSS feed which you can check out later using an RSS feed reader.

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Talkwalker alerts can be used for brand monitoring, campaign tracking, competitor monitoring, market research, customer service, reputation management. Especially I use it for monitoring product’s reputation and service. We don’t know where our customers complaint about our product on the web. For example: If you go to customer complaints website, lot of negative reviews and complaints about any product can be found. So I use alerts for my product with negative keywords/complaints to find out and help the issue. This is just one way of using the service. You can use it for multiple situations.

How Talkwalker alerts is different from Google alerts?

Google alerts, you know how powerful the search engine is, but Talkwalker is nowhere less. The size of crawled online environment which includes many database clusters more than 250 servers. It constantly crawls more than 20 million sites. The search index adds more than 12 million new articles/posts every day.

Apart from web, images, blogs, news articles, it indexes Facebook, twitter, Youtube, google+, forum, product review sites, Flickr, 4Square, LinkedIn etc. It supports more than 50 languages. You will automatically receive the results of last 30 days. Talkwalker doesn’t rely on any other service, it uses its own algorithm.

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The number of results on google is only an estimation and in reality often much lower. Google often shows high number of spam, duplicates or incorrect results. Talkwalker alerts shows you results on social and online news media. You can sort, store, qualify and bookmark, export your data.

You can use search queries combined with Boolean operators AND NOT OR, search for exact character strings between Quotes, supports wild card search, proximity search, raw data inquiry and more.

Talkwalker Alerts – go try it.

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