Free up Storage on Google apps Gmail account


Google apps Gmail account offers 25 GB of free space as inbox size that includes 5GB of Google drive storage. When your business involves lot of emailing and sending attachments, soon your inbox will be overloaded. How to free up some storage space? You need to find emails that have large attachments and delete them. Previously we wrote about similar service to find big emails on Gmail which is restricted only to Gmail and not for Google apps account.

Backupify has launched a new service called Free Space that finds big emails and free up some space on your Google apps account. If you haven’t heard of backupify before, it is a cloud based backup service. Free space for Google apps is a free service to quickly clean up your Google apps Gmail account. It can reduce large email inbox before it reaches the 25GB quota!


Let’s take an example before I tell you about its features. If your business email is hitting the limit means that your employees won’t be able to send or receive email until the size is decreased. Buying extra storage space is another option. Today we are not going to talk about it. What if you lose your customers because your employees won’t be able to send or receive email because of this limit?

Free space allows you to scan your enter email inbox for large emails/attachments and alerts to you clean them. If you’re a Google apps administrator or a Google apps user, with Free space you can authorize your Google apps account and clean them. As a Google apps administrator you have separate login to scan your entire domain to identify large accounts and emails and then alert your employees to delete those files.

When you authorize your Google apps account, it shows how many users have less than 10% of free space remaining, how many has less than 20% etc. It shows the top 10 storage users and top 10 largest files in your inbox. With all these details, you can take an action.

Backupify provides this free service “Free Space” which is a clever idea to get more users to try backupify. Because, inside the dashboard it gives you an option to back up your emails (large files) to a cloud based backup service.

With this, I wanted to share a service called Lost Photos – it scans your Gmail for large photos that are attached and allows you to backup photos alone to their backup service. Read our review on Lost Photos backup service.

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