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If you want to record your voice from microphone or record just an idea from YouTube video through your computer’s sound cord or both. You might have seen YouTube videos where people singing songs with music playing background via speakers, you can do it with this tool. Apowersoft free audio recorder does the task in an excellent way. Apowersoft audio/voice recorder is a high definition audio recorder which is for free downloads.

Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder allows you to record audio online, free of charge, on Windows OS or Mac PC. It’s easy to operate and lets you record any sound that you can hear. It allows you to record audio files from various audio inputs – System Sound, Microphone, and both System Sound and Microphone.


The audio quality is of top notch. High definition audio recorder which is better than audacity. You can record sounds, voices through microphone, convert audio files into various audio formats, and even create scheduled tasks.

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Uses of Apowersoft Audio Recorder

1) I use it to record my voice through microphone. High definition quality.

2) Record streaming music and online radio via computer sound card. So quality is top notch. Just open your favorite YouTube video and record the music alone.

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3) Just play the karaoke instrumental and sing along it, record the voice with music streaming from online. Apowersoft can do it both simultaneously.

4) You can schedule recording tasks after you leave your computer, what’s more special is it can shut down after the recording is over. Just tick the option when you’re scheduling tasks.

Apowersoft free audio recorder online is completely free and there are no limits in recording voice or sounds. You can record any length of audio.

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If you don’t want to download and install it on your PC, the website offers online recording. Just click start recording and record your sounds. The online app is based on java applet that loads when you click start recording.

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

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