Free 100 GB Cloud Storage from Zoolz for 1 Million Users


Zoolz is a another free cloud storage provider that offers 100GB cloud storage for free to its first one million users. All you need to do is, just signup with your email address and you will be notified when you’re into the list. Zoolz offers 100GB space of free cloud backup storage. Still the service hasn’t opened to users, so from its features page we are able to know that it can protect both external and network drives without limiting upload speed, file size or data selections.

Will the service work properly? Is it secured? We don’t know anything it. Still we are in the waiting list. As of now, you can enter your email address and sign up to be in the waiting list. Make sure you don’t enter your primary email address just in case it doesn’t turn out to be excellent, you have nothing to lose. Regarding security, Zoolz uses 256 AES real encryption.


With each free zoolz account you can protect two computers. You can even access the backed up files from your mobile phones.

How does Zoolz work? First you need to download and install the setup. Then you can select any local drive, external drive or network drive and zoolz will protect them automatically. You don’t need to upload or drag and drop files to backup. Zoolz resides on AWS technology and has been in the industry for more than 15 years.

If you want to restore, just search for your stuff and select it. Zoolz will automatically gather all your files; send you links to your email inbox with the download link.

If you’re from India, Zoolz is not available in your country. Only for people from US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, Swizz, Spain and few more.

Signup for Zoolz free edition which offers 100GB space, if you sign up for Zoolz business edition, you just get only 14 days trail.

If you’re looking for a decent cloud backup provider apart from Dropbox, you can check out Mega (cloud backup storage from the Mega upload Kim dotcom).

Another cloud storage service ADrive offers 50GB of free space for personal basic use. Note: If you have two accounts on ADrive, then you have 100GB of cloud storage.

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