What Things Should I do before I sell my Android Phone?


If you’ve upgraded to the latest android smartphone and have plans to sell your used android phone? Here is the guide on what to do before you sell your android phone. If you’re not selling your used android phone, you can turn it into a media player or perhaps recycle it. Some people love to have latest gadgets. The initial amount they save up to buy the latest smartphone is just by selling their used smartphone. This way they can make a little money, so here are few things that I suggest you to do before you sell your used android phones.

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Backup your phone using Titanium backup pro.

Backup it to the cloud, so you can sync the data back in your new android phone.

Backup call logs, text messages, contacts, SMS, music playlists, photos, videos, settings, browser bookmarks.

For contacts, I recommend Google contacts. Sync it! If you’ve less contacts, then you can copy it to your SIM.

For music, photos and videos which are usually consume large space, backup to your PC and not in the cloud.

You can use Software data cable; you don’t need USB cable at all. Transfer files using Wi-Fi.

Shut down your phone; remove memory cards and SIM card.

Switch on once again and go to your settings and do a factory reset.

Erase all your personal data. Maybe a factory reset.

For android 2.3 – settings > privacy > factory data reset

For android 4.0 and above – settings > backup and reset > personal data > factory reset.

Phone will format itself and restart.

On the hardware side, remove batteries, backside panel and clean the phone with a soft cloth.

Collect all the USB cables, chargers that come with the phone and place it in the original box (if you still have it).

Once done, you can sell your used android phones.

Some of the websites to help you to get started:

  1. eBay
  2. Craiglist
  3. Swappa
  4. Flipswap
  5. Cash for Smartphones
  6. Buy My Tronics
  7. Olx.in (For Indian users)
  8. Quickr (Indian users)
  9. Sulekha (Indian users)
  10. Instead of selling it, donate to someone who doesn’t own a smartphone :D

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  1. PD says:

    I love the 10th point. ;)

  2. Mihir says:

    Cool! Those are some awesome things you listed down to remember before selling the android phone. Thanks for the share :)

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