5 Best Temple Run Alternatives for Android


Temple run is one of my favorite games on android. In just one year it has been downloaded more than 100 million times. The latest infographic talks about 10 billion sessions played spending more than 54,000 years. It is one of the fastest selling mobile games ever. First launched on iOS where it became the number one app and then launched on android with downloads reaching more than 1 million in just three days.

Alternative to Temple run for Android

If you like temple run for android and would like to get others with the same style of play, here we bring you the 5 free games of same style that you will surely have fun as much or more than playing temple run.

Subway surfers

subway surfers

I have been playing these two games madly on my Nexus 7. One is temple run and another one is subway surfers. You need to catch as many coins to unlock new players, get power magnets and more. Love the way the scenery changes with the world tour. I started with New York, Rome, now surfing at Sydney.

Crazy Grandpa


Crazy grandpa is addicting with nice game controls. Grandpa shows us a fun trying to walk the streets at full speed on a skateboard, dodging cars and collecting to advance, instead of coins, all parts that get in the way.

Crazy Fist II


Crazy Fist II is similar to temple run. You need to speed run to escape from amazing monster chasing with some excellent dark mythology style of graphics. It has exciting combat combo, leaderboard system and simple operation.

Temple hunter

treasure hunter

Treasure hunter in the mysterious ancient Egyptian pyramids to look for lost treasure. You got 2 maps, 2 modes: mission and endless, you can shop to buy points, lives etc.

Chasing Yello


Yello – the gold fish in the local wild creek. Help Yello to escape by navigating the fish through a rough adventure in the dangerous river filled with rocks, burning logs etc. On the way you can collect stars, powerups, magnets and awesome cartoon animations.

Do you think any other to fit the best alternative to Temple run? Have you tried out the new temple run 2? Looking forward to hear your thoughts via comments.

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  1. Puneet says:

    I also have Subway surfers on installed on my cell .. i think crazy grandpa will be interesting one, downloading it now ;)

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