10 Creative Offline Marketing Ideas for Small Business


Be it a large business or small one, offline marketing is very essential and should be given equal importance as in online marketing. Ideally everyone should be marketing their service or product both offline and online. Traditional offline marketing ideas like yellow pages, classified ads doesn’t yield much ROI like before. Your competitors are working on creative ideas and with the right blend of an online and offline marketing campaign is the best way to go. So here are some of the best creative offline marketing techniques.

Before we get into the creative ideas for offline marketing, there are two major branches – Buzz marketing and Grassroots marketing. Buzz marketing is spreading the message organically through people (word of mouth). Facebook is one of the best examples for buzz marketing. They didn’t intend for it to be buzz marketing campaign, but that’s exactly how it turned into. People signed up first and started to spread the word, the more people joined themselves curiously.

creative beach advertising by Sprite - especially during the summer season.

creative beach advertising by Sprite – especially during the summer season.

Grassroots marketing is very simple. Go out where your customers are and make relationships. In this form of marketing, you can use traditional methods like flyers where the people whom you’ve appointed went out into the field and talked with people about your company.

  • Traditional offline marketing techniques includes Yellow pages, classified ads, Radio/TV commercials, Flyers, Telemarketing, Banners, billboards, etc.
  • Networking is a great way for small business owners to market their product offline. Your local meetups, trade shows, seminars are good for networking. You probably won’t close sales on the spot but making contacts is good for business.
  • Conduct a tech event, mini seminars, so you can showcase all your products and services. It is inexpensive to rent a hall and conduct a mini seminar.
  • When you ship your product, you can insert in a letter for another product in the package. It doesn’t cost you and you might make a sale. If it is your first product or service, tie up with similar business owners to get help from them.
  • Recorded voice message is a good way to grab more customers. You simply upload all your customers phone numbers and record the message you want to leave, technology does the rest.
  • If you place your business ad in unusual places like the side of your van/car. You can print out small stickers and stick them on your car rear glass, sides etc.
Clever Advertising & Marketing Campaigns - Dental Implants

Clever Advertising & Marketing Campaigns – Dental Implants

  • You can also spend little money on promotional products and give it to your employees and customers. For example: A small local software development company at my area spends on promotional products like T-shirts, stress balls, bags, hats where the company logos and names are printed on it. You can even print your company name on daily use products like Pen, Water bottles, Mouse pads, etc..
  • Creative business cards are one of the best creative offline marketing technique. People remember you because of your creative business card. I remember some businesses even have an edible chocolate card or stick of gum attached.
  • When you stay in hotels, leave your business card, business coupon in your room, lobbies and other places that people gather.
  • Another form of creative offline marketing is, getting a booth at local events to promote your company. A lot of churches and religious groups hold festivals, so make sure you contact them about getting a booth space at one of their events.

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