SpinMe Alarm Clock iPhone app guaranteed to wake you up


Ok, recently I wrote about Android alarm clock app Walk Me Up that everyone wants it badly. It stops ringing only when you wake up and walk few steps. Suppose if I set 25 steps, then only when you wake up and walk 25 steps, the alarm goes off.  Cool isn’t it? Many of our readers asked for a similar iPhone app. I didn’t find exactly similar app, but somewhat closely related to it. It requires you to stand up and spin around until the alarm goes off.

SpinMe Alarm clock for iPhone is a super clever app to get you out of bed on time. It requires you to get up from bed and physically spin yourself until the alarm stops. You cannot cheat just by lying on the bed and spinning your phone.

photo 1

There is no Snooze button. So your only way is to get up and spin yourself to stop the alarm and just go back to bed. Hah! I’m just kidding.

SpinMe app uses the gyroscope to detect rotations. The user must place 2 thumbs on the screen and keep them in the same position while they spin 360 degrees. This ensures that the user is actually standing up and spinning versus simply spinning the device in their hand.

photo 5

You can wake up and spin to your favorite music, unlike other apps alarm continuously rings even when the app isn’t running. Make sure your phone isn’t on silent mode.

Download the app from iTunes link.

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  1. Jack Johnson says:

    Nice. thanks. Is this able to run in the iPad though? If not, is there an ios app like this for the iPad? Thanks! Kudos

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