Find out What’s Going on Tonight in my City with WikiDo (Only United States)


There are many web 2.0 apps to find out weekend events in your city. But I guess WikiDo is the first one to generate and display daily events happening around in your city, beautifully categorized including nightlife, food, social events and more. It is more of a social search engine that helps people to find out what to do tonight in my city. WikiDo collects information around United States and organizes perfectly based on cities and categories.

Things to do in my city ?

If you simply search ‘Things to do in my city tonight’ on Google, you get random suggestions and you might find events happening in your city. But, when it is categorized beautifully according to your location it is easier to plan out things.

For example: Type what’s going on tonight in nyc , what’s going on tonight in chicago , what’s going on tonight in Houston , what’s going on tonight in Miami. You get lots of results that you might not want. When you do the same search in WikiDo, you get what you need. That’s the difference between a social search engine and Google engine.

WikiDo’s interactive interface shows its users what’s happening in their selected city. Not only it displays static tiles as events, each event is editable by any user. If you’ve experienced one of the events, you can leave a review or share some helpful information.

On its home page it has listed out Top U.S cities upcoming events. If you’re city isn’t listed there, you can use the search bar to type your city name. Type slowly, so that it will suggest your city name automatically (like how you do a search on Google).

wiki do

I was looking out for information on New castle city in Delaware. WikiDo displayed around 157 things to do in a range of 20 miles within my city. If you search for things to do in major cities like New York, Houston, Austin, Dallas etc. you find more deals and events. It has gathered events into WikiTags and Wiki Categories. You can search for events based on categories like social events, music, sports, arts, Food and drink, technology, kids and family etc.

When I used WikiDo for few minutes, found that it grabs all the deals, events from various sources on the web and displays in a beautiful interface. Deals and events details are pulled out from various local city websites that brings up news information in their city.

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