Use Anagrams to generate strong passwords


We all know how difficult it can be to get the strong password for your email accounts, social networking sites or any other service that you use online.  Most of us find it difficult to remember different passwords for different accounts. If you use same password for all the accounts, you are risking all your accounts because if one account is compromised, all other accounts will also get into trouble.

One of the ways to remember passwords is to write it somewhere. It is must. Keep that chit of paper in the safe place. If you are hiding it somewhere, please do remember where you are hiding it.

One more effective way is to use anagrams of some particular word (e.g your name) as your password. Anagram is a word or a phrase formed by rearranging the letters of words of another phrase. Here is the quick video tutorial on how to generate anagrams:

PassPlex , HashaPass ,

Carry Your Passwords in Your Wallet Like Credit Cards

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