How to put parental controls on android tablet?


These days’ kids have access to resources vastly beyond what their parents had. The internet is loaded with lots of content both entertainment and educational. When kids use internet, they may encounter sometime popup nasty websites, dangerous contacts, cyber-bullying and more. As a parent it’s our duty to protect our kids. What can you do? A simple parental control utility should prevent access to inappropriate websites and apps.

Is there a parental control application for android powered smartphones and tablets? How to install and setup parental controls on android tablets? If it is a PC computer, there are lots of softwares for parental control and Windows 7, Windows 8 operating system by default provides parental controlling feature. But, Smartphones and tablets had enormous growth past two years and today we are going to review a parental control app for Android smartphones and tablets.

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Qustodio is parental control software for Android tablets. It helps you manage and monitor how your child uses devices. Install this app on each Android device your children use. It has custom control for each child in the house; it has time control usage for each child and slot for each child. You can install Qustodio on PC and configure the activity of your children. Also you can install it on android tablets. Today we are going to learn about its Android application that helps us to monitor kid’s usage on tablets.

Once you’ve installed, for the first time when you open Qustodio it will ask you to activate device administrator so that it will protect against being uninstalled by third party applications. Then start creating your Qustodio account for free. Sign up by entering your email address.

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Now you can add your children’s name and create a separate account for them. Using Qustodio’s Family Protection Portal, you can view your children’s online activity and configure protection settings from the web when they play using your Android smartphone or tablet. What is more important here is, only through android settings, one can remove or modify this app. Qustodio protects the settings screen of your android device. It will require Qustodio password to access the settings screen.

Internet blocking software

Once you’ve created an account for your child on Qustodio, you can view your child’s activity or configure rules by visiting (the family portal dashboard) and on the Android tablet, safe browsing is activated along with it weekly activity report will be sent to you over by email.

Using the family portal dashboard, you can control your child’s activity, web searches, apps usage etc. You can enable website category restriction, add certain websites to block list so that when your child tries to visit from Android tablet, it will be blocked.

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You can allow limiting or monitoring the amount of time your child can use the Android tablet or access the Internet. You can select the time blocks you’d like to restrict and/or set the total time allowances per day. Once your child uses their daily quota, they will be restricted further access as specified.

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Parental monitoring apps

Is your kid playing too much video game? You can control games and applications with Qustodio. This feature lets you control and block access to any application on your children’s computers. Also you can do social monitoring such as Advanced Facebook monitoring.

Download Qustodio from market place.

How to Remove / Uninstall Qustodio Parental Controls Android app?

As you had given device administrator option when installing it. A normal uninstall would not work here. What you need to do is, open the Qustodio app, enter the password and disable the app first.

Then go to your phone settings > security > Device Administrators. Uncheck the Qustodio app.

Now under manage apps, you can select Qustodio and uninstall the app.

Even if you try to uninstall from the Google play store, you cannot uninstall it. This is the only option to install the app.

The option (device administrator) is selected when installing because, it prevents uninstall by third party applications. Even if your kid knows your Qustodio password, he/she cannot directly uninstall the app from manage apps list.

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  1. This is a really helpful Not only to secure from shildren, to secure from others. Thanks for giving this useful app info.

  2. Robin says:

    Parental Control is a must have default feature in any OS. We have an app or software for any platform these days to protect our kids. :) Thanks for writing about it. sharing it now.


  3. Dmitri says:

    Safe browsing tools are important however don’t forget about location tracking apps. They will help you track your kids location. Have a great day!

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