Add Old ReTweet Style to New Twitter Web Interface


Twitter removed the old fashioned way of retweeting after they revamped the web interface design. But still many of the third party twitter apps has this feature of retweeting old school way. Personally, I always retweet old school way. Tweetdeck is my favorite twitter app and recently twitter acquired tweetdeck and started to kill it slowly. Because tweetdeck was used by millions of people, twitter wanted people to use their web interface. First they killed the tweetdeck adobe air app, then made few changes to their web interface and removed the option to retweet old school way.

old style rt

When browsing the chrome app store, found this extension that adds an Old RT style to twitter web interface. The extension is available for both Chrome and Firefox. What’s so special about Old RT style? It gives me an option to enter my comment with the Retweet that am going to send. Currently the retweet option in the web interface doesn’t allow you to edit anything. Old school way allows me to edit or enter some text before I push the tweet.

Classic ReTweet is the chrome extension that adds an old school RT option next to Retweet in the twitter web interface.

Once you’ve installed the extension, close the browser and reopen it to log in twitter. You can find the option to RT old school way below each tweet in your home feed.

If you’re using chrome – here is the web store link

Firefox users can install the addon from the extensions repository.

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