MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet Review – Email List Building on Steroids


Maxblogpress subscribers magnet WordPress plugin helps you to double your email subscription list without getting any additional traffic to your site. Do you own a WordPress website? Are you a serious affiliate marketer? Are you serious about your online business? By now you must have known that the money is in the list. How can you turn your visitors into subscribers? Only with a professional setup, you can build large subscribers base which in return helps you to cash in lot of money. Maxblogpress Subscribers magnet WordPress plugin does that for you.

Basically if you have lot of visitors to your website, you can build email subscribers without much effort. What if your traffic is low and how have you planned to build your email subscribers base? Maxblogpress subscribers magnet plugin has the potential to turn more than 50% of your visitors into email subscribers.


Subscribers magnet plugin works with all your email subscription services like Aweber, Mail chimp, Get response etc. You might wonder, the Aweber, mail chimp has default opt-in forms that can collect email subscribers, what’s so special with Subscribers magnet plugin. You will understand when you read the following paragraphs.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, you can activate it and start using the admin panel to create optin forms. Under optin form adder you can find the settings. Why your optin forms become ineffective? It is not placed properly on the website. Subscribers magnet allows you to place your optin forms anywhere in the website to get noticed properly. Example: Footer, sidebar, popup on load, within post, bottom of every single post, inside comments, silent subscription etc.


Silent subscription is one of the best methods where you can gain lot of subscribers. When someone leaves a comment on your blog, it automatically subscribes them and sends an email saying a thank you note for the comment and a one click link to activate their subscription. All they need to do is, just click the link from email and they’re subscribed.


Subscribers Magnet hit the users from multiple angles for convincing them to join your list without you being obnoxious. Most users won’t even realize that you are even hitting them with multiple angles.

The First thing that you need to do is make sure that the form auto filler is working properly. This will automatically fill the visitors name and email address in the text box. Then, create optin form before you move into next multiple hit strategies. You can place it on the footer, below every blog post, sidebar, subscribe checkbox at comment, popin, optin form embed inside comments, silent subscription etc. You have to choose it properly so that you annoy your readers.


Also it has analytics tracking for each optin form that you setup, so you can find which optin form have high conversion. Also includes Facebook connect, header stripe bar and more.

So here is the guide to get started and tutorial to setup multiple hit strategies for rapid list building.

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