How to turn off disqus ads


Disqus is a comment system that can be embedded on websites that helps readers and visitors to get into discussions. Why disqus stands out from the crowd is, it improves discussion and connects conversations across the web. You can see the profile of a person and look where all he/she has commented on the web. With recent changes in its TOS, they are displaying ads on the disqus commenting system.  Many website owners might feel the ads are annoying and disturbing their content.


Disqus with its latest release added a new section called discovery that shows third party links. Why would someone want to spam and annoy their readers by showing ads inside a comment system?

How to disable disqus ads?

You can easily turn off or disable disqus ads by following the steps. Login to your disqus account and under Settings > Discovery – select the option just comments and save the settings.

The point I want to make a post is, how on earth disqus enabled this feature by default for guys who updated to the latest release.

Even though it’s a free service, you cannot turn a website from non-commercial to commercial. Even though their new terms and service shows that ‘you agree that disqus may include advertisements’ which is not there when I signed up. Sure they can change the terms but those are not the terms that I agreed to when I signed up and I don’t go around checking the terms of service every 3 days to see if someone is up to something sneaky.

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  1. Mark says:

    Thanks. Yeah, I was working on my website and just noticed this. I thought I’d have to get rid of the plugin altogether, which would have sucked because (aside from this recent update) I’m very pleased with it. Kind of shady…

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