How to Filter Google Plus Stream to Show only Photos


Google plus? Who is actually using it apart from Google employees? We sure know that Facebook is growing steady with new re-designs for newsfeed, profile layout rolling out to people. On the other side, so called competitor Google plus, who is actually using it? Google plus also brings out new updates on their design and adding small features every week. When looking at the infographic, Google plus is dominated by male 63% (I’m sure most of them would be webmasters, because Google forces them to use Google plus to make their website social search friendly).

When you figure out the countries using Google plus, after United States, India is at second place. Google plus proudly shows the number of users signed up for Google plus, but the hard truth is it doesn’t show us the amount of traffic the site generates. It boast almost 40 million users, a majority of those are inactive users. In a recent survey only 17% are found to be active Google+ users. If you ask me about one useful feature in Google+, I would definitely say “Hangout”.

The latest update on Google+ seems to be filtering out search results. You can filter Google plus search results to posts that include photos, events, communities, people and pages etc. Previously you had all other options excluding Photos. Now this update has option to filter search results to posts that includes Photos alone.

In Google plus search results, you can filter to only show photo posts. Just type in what you’re looking for, and select “Photos” from the filter dropdown.

google plus filter

This helps you to narrow down the content to always see only what you are looking for. It helps you to find any photo post that’s shared with you – from items shared only with you, to public photos shared by some of the great photographers on Google+.

This feature is most expected one and still lot of ideas to implement on this feature. They have just added this search filter which is similar on Google search. But if you really want to pull the crowd, you need to build more options on this search filter feature. Currently it displays photos from album names, hash tags used and photo texts.

How can this feature be improved?

Instead of showing the search results which are filtered in the same Google+ feed format, you can show in beautiful mosaic page with only photos on it. Also displaying photos based on Geo locations on the search. You may have more ideas, do let us know through comments.

To try out this feature, go to Google plus, use the search bar and type something. From the filter dropdown, select Photos. It will display only Photo posts.

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