How Facebook Newsfeed was redesigned? Getting to know the Idea behind it


Last week Facebook had an event and announced the news feed redesign. Along with their Facebook graph search which was introduced few weeks back, this whole news feed redesign was unexpected. Still many haven’t got the graph search feature yet, news feed redesign was completely not necessary at the moment IMO.  So, what was the event all about? Facebook showed its new redesigned news feed which removes all the clutter. Also a unique clean layout wherever you use Facebook – on mobile, tablet or web.

As you all know, any feature of Facebook will be rolled out slowly and currently the same procedure is being followed. If you’re in the waiting list, hope you will get the new newsfeed design soon. Well, the new design Facebook hasn’t really added anything. They’ve removed the clutter and focused more on the stories from people you’re connected to. It highlights the content that your friends are sharing, Photos, maps, events and more. Everything looks more bright and beautiful on the new layout.

facebook newsfeed redesign

It has mainly focused on visual experience, highlighting the news articles shared by your friends, stories about your friends making new friends, friends liking new pages; check-ins gets more visual with large map images etc. You can learn more about it on the page.

Story behind Facebook News feed Redesign

Jane Justice Leibrock, user experience researcher recently wrote a Facebook note regarding the idea behind the new news feed redesign. How does it actually happen? There are two ways; one based on the user feedback, second is making them figure it out for themselves what they actually need.

Jane had used psychological and anthropological methods to figure out what Facebook users actually wanted in their news feeds. She used a bunch of index cards and a big white wall to do it. When she asked people using Facebook about the biggest problem in their news feed, most of them answered “My feed is cluttered”. So she asked research participants to describe what action they’d take in order to “de-clutter” their feeds if they could.

newsfeed redesign

The responses had little to do with News Feed’s visual appearance. Some said they’d “de-clutter” by removing page posts from their feeds. Others said they’d clear out stories about friends’ activities on the site, such as listening to songs and playing games. Many people mentioned wanting to get rid of stories about friends liking or commenting on others’ posts. “Clutter,” it turned out, referred to stories people don’t want to see in their feeds.

You can read about the full story here (user experience lab, Facebook)

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  1. Ramsay says:

    Glad to know that Facebook is using paper instead of wire-frames to iterate design ideas. In my view a pencil and paper are quite enough to sketch logo and layouts. Looking forward for the new Facebook timeline.

  2. Prajwal says:

    I always thought there was disparity with the news feed from the mobile device to laptop, and ofcourse its always clustered, there should be a means to filter few feeds out.

  3. Informative post admin, I’m on the waiting list now, hope we can see this redesign very soon.

  4. interesting information Madras Geek! :)

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