How to Download Android APK Files to PC from Google Play Store


There is a chrome extension called APK downloader. It downloads apk files from android market. The extension was built by last year and later it stopped working. Few days back, the developer has updated the extension and it works! It downloads apk files to your PC from play store. If you’re wondering what is apk file, every android app that you install is compiled into apk file. APK is the file extension of android app.

APK downloader is a chrome extension that allows you to download android apk files to your PC from Google play store. Why do I need to use this extension? If you’re an android app developer, sometimes you might need to decompile some apps on the market. It’s a painful task to install the app on your phone, then backup the app, then retrieve the files from SD card and finally transfer it to your PC. To avoid this, directly download the android app APK file to your PC in one click.

How to Download Android Apps APK files for Free?

Follow these steps and you can install the extension and download the apk file from android market.

  1. Download the chrome extension [APK downloader]
  2. Chrome extension file type is .crx – so you download the extension .crx file to your computer.
  3. Google chrome doesn’t allow installing extension that isn’t from their market place.
  4. To install the extension, go to tools > extensions in your chrome browser.
  5. On the extensions page, drag your .crx file that you downloaded.
  6. When you do it will ask if you want to install the extension, Select Yes.
  7. Now you’ve installed the APK downloader chrome extension.

Configure android apk download center

To make this extension work, you need to enter email address and android device ID. Login with your Google account and there are two ways to find out android device ID.

apk downloader

Easiest way – Install the device ID app for android from play store. It will show the device ID and associated email address.

Another method – Open your dial and enter * # * # 8255 # * # *

It opens Gtalk service monitor > under JID – <your email address> and below that you can find Device ID.

That’s it. You’re done with configuring the APK downloader extension. Now you can start downloading the android app apk files directly to your PC.

When you visit an android app page on Play store, you can find a small icon on your address bar. Click it to download the apk file. Download will start automatically.

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  1. Aakash says:

    This Chrome Extension crashes most of the time. There is a Windows Software called APK Leecher. Far better than the Chrome Extension. Try it!

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