Best Educational Android / iPad apps for Kids under 3 Years


Recently I stumbled across an iPad app for my 2 year old nephew. He loves playing on the iPad music apps but I thought let’s make it of some use. So found a great interactive preschooler app for kids learning. Gone are the days buying color sketching books, alphabet books etc. With latest gadgets, we should buy more e-learning android / iPad apps. Since I got this app for him, thought why not make a list of similar apps. If you own an android tablet or iPad, iPad mini here are few apps you should buy for your kid. I promise you won’t regret your purchase.


This app won 2012 parents’ choice award. It uses action based verbs that encourages young minds to do as they learn. Example: It shows A for add, G for grow, I for ironing etc. So while learning the alphabets, your kids can learn a useful action to perform to the corresponding alphabet. It displays 26 letters with an interactive activity for each, with a rhyming sing-a-long alphabet song. The app is designed as a kid friendly navigation.


The app is available for both iPad and Android tables. It is a paid app. In my opinion, you should definitely choose a paid educational app over a free app. Spend the money on education rather on entertainment apps. It is worth it. Also you get unlimited support, updates for paid app.

Link to iPad app / Android app

Kids ABC Letters

Kids ABC letters is another app for preschoolers. The uncluttered screen, clear graphics, and great use of touch screen are some of the highlights. The previous app focuses on letter sounds, the activities to perform. This app focuses on letter names.

Link to iPad app / Android app

The android app has a lite version up to letter H. So you can try their lite version first. If you like the app, you can get the paid app of it. Intellijoy is the company behind the app. You should check all their apps developed for kids, they’re awesome. It includes Math app, colors app, puzzle and many more.

Kids coloring paint app

As we’re talking about apps for kids less than 3 years, another interesting one goes under Coloring category.  I’m sure your kid will love this coloring app. Here is the link to the android app. Even this app has a lite version with ads. But I prefer paid one because it is ad-free, tech support from the developer. As an adult, we can avoid or manage to get not distracted with the ads inside the app. But kids might get distracted. So go for the paid app.

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